Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spiderman WOAH - Videos

The party was very fun, the kids had a blast, so that's really the important thing, right? It was special that Grandma & Grandpa B could be here for the festivities.

Highlight of the night - (Darla is involved in conversation in the livingroom, not at all aware of what B & B were doing)...Brooks was given a super soaker type of water gun. Brian, goes to the kitchen to show him how to fill it up. Brian does not believe the packagings claims that it will shoot 25 ft. So he aims it at an unsuspecting Darla from across the room...and WHAM! A powerful stream of water flies across the house and hits Darla directly in the face. Darla SCREAMS then busts out laughing, scaring Brooks almost to tears. It was very surprising (for Darla), funny (for Brian), and scary (for Brooks). At least a valuable lesson has been learned...we will not be using that gun in the house!

Grey was absolutely ecstatic about the gifts Brooks got. He seems to love Spiderman too! With each Spidey gift, he would point to Spiderman on the packaging and "woah woah woah woooow!" over it!

These are both very short clips from the birthday video. And not even focusing on the birthday boys, since this little guy was being so cute.

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