Wednesday, March 31, 2010

After Bath

Kenna and Brooks have coughs & colds, and yesterday Kenna woke up with a fever, and complaining of sore ears. Sure enough, she has an ear infection. So I spend lots of time chasing them away from the baby, so they don't make him sick too. Brooks is in love with 'hanitizer' (hand sanitizer). Anyway, that is why there are no pictures of them with the baby...trying to keep those germs away!

Here he is after his bath today. This is the hat they sent him home from the hospital with.

Hang loose dudes...or is that the 'rock on' sign? I dunno. It's cute anyway:-)

After a few wiggles...we had to take the hat off

Monday, March 29, 2010

8 Days

He is starting to open his eyes wider, and for longer periods of time.

He's so cute and cuddly

Sunday, March 28, 2010


A shedding azalea bush

Pretty flower!

Grey's First Weekend

This is what he did:

Brooks got a haircut

Watch for his new buzzed look

Lots of cuddles for baby. The kids are so in love.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little Guy - Music Video

This is the sweetest song for little boys. Here is Daddy and his little guy:

Here are the lyrics to the chorus of Little Guy, by Gord Bamford...
"I’ll laugh with you, cry with you
Let my love surround you
I’ll dance with you, pray for you
And wrap my arms around you when you cry
Little Guy"

Watch the video here:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Cuteness

He has Brian's toes...little clamdiggers:-)

"I'm a good Mom, aren't I?"

Cute chunky little guy

My handsome

Boys vs Girls

After Grey was born Brian asked if I was glad it was a boy, and yes, I was and am! He is so perfect. I actually preferred to have a boy, so it was really just what I wanted. However, I told him, I do really love the name Shaughnessy soooo much, and it makes me a little sad to think I might never have one. That and baby girl clothes are so cute. He laughed at me and my petty disappointments:-) Maybe one day I can get a dog...named Shaunie...and dress it up in girl clothes. Haha!

Now that we have a boy, I am sorting out all those girl clothes to pass on to friends having girls. Look what I found...and this is the difference between girls and boys.

Kenna's shoe collection in size 0 and 1 only...Brooks' shoe selection for the same pair of slipper type shoes, haha! She had a matching pair for practically every outfit, and he was shoeless Joe I suppose:-)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Safe Haven

4 days old! Today we went on our first real outing together (we went to the drive-thru bank on Tues...that doesn't really count:-), to our favourite library! I wanted the kids to get out of the house, and the weather was gorgeous...but I thought the park might be a little too high energy for me to keep up with them, since I was already feeling like a nap. The library has a huge Kid Zone with a playplace, and tons of toys and activities, so we went there to play, pick out some movies and books and then back home for lunch and naps! They had so much fun, and Grey just slept the whole time:-)

Hanging out in his pack n play in the livingroom. It keeps him safe from curious little helpers and rough play (it's behind the green couch, by the organ...sort of the foyer area, out of the way). We have the other one with the bassinette attachment set up in our room. He is such a good baby, he doesn't cry much, isn't very burpy, and sleeps very well at night. Hopefully those habits continue and I will be super happy...cause it makes it easier for me! He's a joy!

Open eyes! They are more squinty for sure, not round like Kenna's were

Such a cute flower arrangement our church sent. Love the mug! It looked a little better on Tues when it arrived...I forgot to take a pic until now, so it's a little wilted.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boy Cupcakes

Today we made some cupcakes with 'sparkles' in them (funfetti:-), and put on blue icing and blue 'sparkles' (sprinkles), in honour of Lil' Grey's birth day. Sort of. I thought it would just be something fun to do with the kids, and it was Kenna's idea to make them blue for the baby. Of course we can't just have cupcakes for no has to be some sort of celebration in their little minds:-), so we have some baby blue cupcakes for our little baby!

Three Days Old

Grey had his first follow up appointment and weight-check today...he is 8lbs 14.5oz, so he's doing well! He's eating like a champ, so he'll be back up to birth weight in no time.

Hanging with his favourite girl:-)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lazy Monday Night

Snuggling with Daddy

His first 2am feeding at home

Good morning baby! It's Tuesday!

Caught him in a blink!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Going Home

Lots of spring time babies! There was another about to be born in the midwifery center as we were leaving. Next time I go back (for the followup appointment) it will be April and the board will be erased with April babies on it, so I wanted to make sure I got a picture:-)

Getting ready to leave the hospital!

First Visitors

Mom B, Lauren, Ann and Meghan came to visit on Sunday night (with the kids too), but were unable to really see or hold the baby as he was in the nursery under observation. So Monday they came back to get a few little snuggles! They brought us yummy lunch from Chipotle too!

So glad Lleyton made it in time for Ann to see him. She extended her spring break at Moody as long as she could (skipping a few classes:-/) to ensure she would be here...she has to leave on Wed. Thankfully he arrived in time for her to be here too!

Which Will You Be...

...a he or a she?

Since we didn't know the gender of the baby, the kids (mostly Kenna), picked out a special going home outfit for our Shaughnessy, or our Lleyton Grey. Some friends of ours (from our IBLP days in Chicago) had their first baby, a little girl, Kelyn the day before Grey was born. So I went down the hall and delivered a little dress to them, since I definitely don't need it now! So cute!

This one we kept!

Nap time

Monday afternoon Brian went in to work for a few hours, and Grandma took the kids home for it was nap time for Grey and I too! His resemblance to Brooks is almost scary. It will be interesting to see if he changes at all. A few times both Brian and I have called him Brooks...partially because Brooks has been our 'baby' for so long, and partially because when you look at him, you just remember little Baby Boo Boo (as Kenna called him). Of course I am so totally biased, but I think we make the cutest little babies ever:-) He's adorable!

Baby Brother

There was a little confusion with Kenna...Brian's mom was watching the kids when we told them the news that "it's a boy". Grandma told Kenna that she had 2 brothers!! Of course meaning Brooks was one of them:-)

They came to visit the hospital on Monday morning. I have never seen Brooks SO excited! It was great. We caught all their initial reactions and conversations on video. Love it! Brooks was very excited for his little brother, and Kenna wondered when her little brother would be here. There is only one baby, we all get to share him! But quite a few times she made reference to the 2nd brother that she couldn't wait to meet. It was really funny trying to explain that Brooks is her younger brother also. I guess in her mind they are more equals, so Brooks doesn't count:-)

They had lots of love for their baby. It was so precious to watch them react and interact with Grey.

Hanging out watching a movie together