Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kennedy's 12th Birthday Trip

In February, Brian announced his "idea" to the family - it was news to me too, as I don't ever remember having this conversation with him...that 12 would be the "big kid" birthday, not 13. He thought to make it special, each kid could pick what they wanted to do, and where they wanted to go - the rule was it had to be within a reasonable days drive, or a cheap flight.

Kennedy was about to turn 12, so she had to decide really quickly! She wasn't coming up with any really great ideas, I mean, what is there to do in the world when you've never done anything? Haha! She was struggling to think of what might make a good trip. I helped her out with a few ideas - not pushing one over another, just giving her an idea of what things you could do on a fun weekend away.
She chose to see a play - the Sound of Music was touring off Broadway and would be about 3hrs away a month after her birthday. We got tickets, and formed a plan from there. 
She picked the hotel. Free hotel breakfast was very important on her list, so she picked the one that seemed like it had the best breakfast:-)
We did some shopping! And I had made an appointment for her to get her hair cut/done at a fancy salon while we were there.
Before the cut!

One of the malls we visited & shopped at in Raleigh Durham area, NC

We went to Maggiano's Little Italy for lunch one day. They don't have those in our area, so it was fun to try something new (for her, I was a fan from my Chicago days)

She picked out a dress for the event all herself - well, with a little help narrowing it down from me:-) I knew she'd be attending my sisters wedding in a few months as well, so it served double duty. She chose the colour.

Hair and makeup done for the theater!

I was 3 or 4 months (who can keep track) pregnant with Baby # 4.

The Tobacco District in Durham, North Carolina

Hotel lobby pic. She looked so pretty and so grown up!

I re-wore my dress from Janessa's wedding in December, and broke in the shoes for Jillaine's wedding, upcoming in June.


We had such a fun weekend away, doing all the fave things and splurging on all the things we normally wouldn't. She got her fave Panera soup and bread bowl. We finally bought that Arby's chocolate mint shake we'd always wanted to try but never had. Truly a lovely time, with a lovely, quickly growing up, girl 💗