Saturday, November 14, 2020

Lyric in Pictures

We added a new ornament to our tree this year.

Toast to the ones here today.
Toast to the ones that we lost on the way.

 We miss you Luc.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Messy Face, Don't Care

This child...She's a complete disaster, and insists on it. But that smile😁


Sunday, November 8, 2020

Vale's 2nd Birthday Party

Vale has been OBSESSED with Frozen II since she was about 13 mths old. She has watched at least a part of it daily since then. It was a no brainer picking her birthday theme this year - especially since she is turning 2! It's actually a really fun theme, and we got a lot of mileage out of it, for sure. Of course I turned to the internet for party ideas, and was fairly disappointed - everything for Frozen themed parties is either all about Olaf, or all sugar/desserts. So the kids and I really had to come up with our own ideas - and this is what we decided of most of it, but I'll post all the things for some of it we didn't get pictures of!

The cake was fun! I made some candy on a cookie sheet and shattered it for the ice particles on the top - and the white is melted white chocolate with sprinkles.

The inside of the cake was vanilla cake, with a blueberry compote - she is also obsessed with "blue-booties", so this was a gimme as far as the direction of the flavour - since she really has no actual cake flavour preferences at this stage.

We made pretzel Sven's.

Melted snowman. It's just Sprite, with (new, clean) buttons, and a peeled carrot stick floating in there.

I used a variation of this recipe for the punch. The original tastes better, however, this was very good - I used Hawaiian Punch (the blue stuff), instead of lemonade (didn't need the water either, as the blue juice is not a concentrate), and vanilla ice cream instead of lime sherbet. It was good, and worked with our theme!

This was probably my favourite..."Yoohoo! Big summer blowout!" The kids loved this one too. Mine had never had Yoohoo before, but they loved it.

She LOVES Olives, cheese puffs and "fretzulls" - so this little trio of munchies seems random, but it's actually very authentically Vale😂

Blue Jello, with marshmallow Olaf's "I've always dreamed of summer!"

Ice chips, corn chips, potato, potahtoe😉

The food table!

The little take home gift for the guests. Orange tic tac (yes, they sell a container of all oranges, whew!), pretzels, chocolate chips and marshmallow)

 The main meal was Sandwiches, of course - we had ham or turkey subs, pb&j's 

Also a type of sandwich, but it's own category was the Meatball (Troll) subs. Because the rock trolls look like meatballs, right?!

Enchanted Forest Foliage - salad

Reindeer Food - veggies & dip

Elsa's snowballs - vanilla ice cream, pre-scooped into muffin papers for grab and go eating/adding to the cake.

We had a little game using those small powered donuts (I added an Olaf nose and eyes with icing) tied to dental floss, and strung across an expanse from 2 poles - the kids had to eat the whole donut dangling from the dental floss without using their hands.

A little "toss the snowball" game using cups and marshmallows.

They each decorated their own paper lunch sack with a variety of Frozen stickers and then did a Frozen pinata - they had the lunch sack to collect their candy.

It was a really fun party, and totally on theme in every way!