Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On the Mend

I thought Kenna was getting better, but then today, lets just say we had lots of diaper troubles! Here she is after her bath. I am trying to get everything back on track today as I am feeling tons better. On Friday we leave for the Winter Youth Retreat, so I need everything back in order!

Meanwhile Brooks and Brian were napping their troubles away.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Some explanation as to why nothing is happening in my little blog world here...we're sick! It's been for about a week now, with colds, worse colds, coughs, more coughs, barf, and unfortunately more barf. All 4 of us have been hit in one or more ways and today seems to be a turning point...happy to say we are slowly on the mend!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Kenna is very aware of colours now and likes to talk about what colour everything is. I like to keep the alphabets in order on the fridge, mostly so I know if I am missing one. She likes to daily 'disrupt' them. I asked her yesterday what she was doing "I'm Pwaying Mom". Notice how all the blue ones are grouped together at the bottom and all the red ones are gone.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let It Snow!

It's the first (and maybe only?) snowfall this year. It really might just be considered a heavy frost, but if you had heard the weather last night, you would think we were being buried alive here. We were watching The Terminal on tv, and they kept interrupting with "Severe Weather Lab Reports", look at this front, it's moving in and the temperature is dropping...we might get up to one inch of snow. One inch. Not like, 1 foot in 1 hour or anything, just up to one inch, and somehow that is 'severe'. Or a heavy frost, whichever. Somehow I think we will be able to manage getting to church in all this weather. Tricky, I know:-)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sleeping Babies

Sundays are hard days for little kids. With Sunday school, church, and evening church, it leaves little time for proper meals and naps. They both were exhausted when we got home tonight! Brooks was actually sleeping in the car, so he's out for the night in his 'church clothes'. He's a drooler too! Kenna is a messy, wild sleeper. Quite often I find her face down in her pillow (and I move her...how can you breathe doing that?), her hair is always destroyed, and her bedsheets are usually all untucked and she's sleeping on the plastic mattress. Whatever, at least she doesn't fall out of the bed!

Notice my quillow from Grandma...it makes the perfect washable kid pillow...I wish I had more of them!

New York Style Pizza Dough - Recipe

I found this dough recipe online, and it's our new fave. It has turned out every single time we've made it! We cook our pizza on a baking stone, and the crust is always thin and crispy.

1 1/2 C warm water (110-115 degrees)
4 1/2 C flour
1T olive oil
2 1/2t white sugar
2 1/2t salt
1 pkg yeast

I usually heat the water for about a minute in the microwave, then add sugar, salt, oil & yeast. While mixing slowly add flour until blended. Knead for approximately 10 minutes, let rise 1 hour. This makes enough dough for 2 pizzas.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


This is one of my goals for 2008...clear out all the stuff I don't need that just hangs around my house. I started this week with the top of the fridge. I had about a ga-jillion cannisters up there I wasn't using. Not to mention candles, cleaning supplies, and alternate table top decorations (which I forgot I put up there = never used). So I am packing them up in case I want to swap my decor, or in case I move to a house with more space or something (not planning on it!). The fridge top is looking much better. I will be keeping my eyes out at Michaels (or similar) for some nice matching baskets on sale to contain the things that I have to keep up there like candles and flashlights. The cake dome is a quandry...it takes up so much space! It doesn't pack away very easily either, but I hardly ever use it. Still deciding. I might give it away...they are $14.99 at Linens N Things, so I could always buy one someday if I have a great need for it.

All the things worth saving, packed up...and the after shot

Safety First!

Here's the scruffy little girl watching a Tigger & Pooh cartoon this morning. When a 'commercial' came on, she started saying "Safety First!", which eventually the characters said, as it was a safety reminder thing. I just thought it was so cute. Safety first!

She looks a little zoned out here, but then gave me one of her famous smiles

Romeo, Romeo

Our beautiful German Shepherd, dubbed Reilly, is gone. His registered name was Romeo vom Caldbergh, hence the posts title. He was from Denmark. We found a nice home for him, and he left this morning to be with his new owners. He will be much happier there, getting much more attention than he does now. Because he is not good with kids, he isn't allowed to be around much, and I can't walk him and the kids...so this was our solution to keep him happy. We will miss our Reilly, but we are glad he has a new home (on the beach!) that he will love.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bare Bottom

I tell Kenna when I leave the bathroom, "call me if Brooks tries to stand because it's so so dangerous". I went to get all their pj's out of the dryer and I hear a frantic little voice "standing, Mom, STANDING!" getting louder and louder. I come into the bathroom to see his chubby little butt, and I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Little Island

This morning I came in the livingroom, and here she was, playing some type of "fort" game. I think she was trying to tell me it was a boat. She did not want the sides tipped down, and Brooks was very frustrated that she wouldn't let him stand up on the coffee table. I really love it that she is getting into actually 'playing' with toys and making up little stories and stuff, it's just so cute to see her little mind working. *Can you see Brooks in the first picture? He is sitting dejected on the floor under the table, unable to play along with his sister

Monday, January 7, 2008


Here's the boy eating. Taken yesterday. Not very exciting, he was just being really cute with his grins, so I took a few pics.

And here he is watching his favourite show. The kids were given a "Little People" movie for Christmas. The theme is sung by Aaron Neville, who has such a distinctive voice. As soon as he hears it, he is just glued to the screen...it's really a pretty silly movie as far as the stories go, but it really captures his imagination or something!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Brooks loves standing now! If you sit him down he immediately starts looking for the nearest place to stand. Most of our furniture is still a little too high for him though, but little duplo table is just perfect for him.

I took the first three right before dinner, and these next ones when we were getting ready for ni-night time.

He's so proud of himself!