Saturday, January 12, 2008


This is one of my goals for 2008...clear out all the stuff I don't need that just hangs around my house. I started this week with the top of the fridge. I had about a ga-jillion cannisters up there I wasn't using. Not to mention candles, cleaning supplies, and alternate table top decorations (which I forgot I put up there = never used). So I am packing them up in case I want to swap my decor, or in case I move to a house with more space or something (not planning on it!). The fridge top is looking much better. I will be keeping my eyes out at Michaels (or similar) for some nice matching baskets on sale to contain the things that I have to keep up there like candles and flashlights. The cake dome is a takes up so much space! It doesn't pack away very easily either, but I hardly ever use it. Still deciding. I might give it away...they are $14.99 at Linens N Things, so I could always buy one someday if I have a great need for it.

All the things worth saving, packed up...and the after shot

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