Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Kennedy Trivia Answers

 Check your answers from the quiz!

A: 18 girls, 12 boys

A: 2008

Brent and Chantelle have 5 boys and 1 girl - so 6 kids, and the biggest family so far. Logan & Kaden's families have 4 kids each (both with 3 girls and 1 boy).

A: 2. Lehman and Maryn are both more recently married and have no children yet

A: Jillaine.
It was me until 2020. Kenna and Brooks are 13mths apart. Jillaine holds the record now with 12 months. Bryar Laine was born Sept 11, 2019, Anderson Timothy was born Sept 12, 2020. (All babies were full term).

A: 4 babies were born in 2018. A girls, Charley, Harper, Bailey & Vale

A: Darla. Kind of a gimme, most don't have kids old enough for a gap between kids. Grey and Vale are 8 (nearly 9) years apart.

A: Rhett Gibson & Jhett Kashtin
there are no Kylie's or Jenna's...yet!

A: 2 years. Brooks was born May 2, 2007, Marshall was born May 25, 2009

A: Rhett & Samantha. I believe they had the same due date, or maybe one day off each other. These four sets of cousins are the closest, if I didn't miss anyone. Vale & Bailey = 49 days, Bryar & Jhett = 51 days, Rhett & Samantha = 9 days, Kayla & Keaton = 23 days.

A: 17

A: False. Only 1 set of cousins share a birthday, Marshall and June, born May 25, 2009 & 2020, 11 years apart.

A: They are both full 1st and full 2nd cousins simultaneously

A: 7 girls (and 0 boys) were born between these two

A: January! There are 8 family birthdays!

A: Brent

A: June

A: 2. Jared and Davis' families

A: 6

A: Carter (Jillaine's hubby). He missed both daughters births. One because she was born too fast for him to get there from work, and one because he was sick at home.

A: Shaughnessy Vale. It's about the longest name there is, so she'll always win, haha!

A:7. If I'm counting right...Nora, Bryar, June, Anderson, Jhett, Rylan, Calli. We were in Regina in June 2018. Some (not all) family came to VA in 2019. Our March 2020 trip to Regina was canceled due Covid, and we're still waiting on those darn borders to open😭

A: 3
Darla & Brian, Danielle & Davis, Kari & Logan

A: Jillaine. Her name is Rebecca Jillaine, named after my Mom, Rebecca Jo Anne (Beccy). I guess we're not big on "juniors"

A: 6 blue, 5 brown, although 1 of the "browns" falls into the hazel category I think? (Logan's look "golden")

A: Kayla Grace and Calli Grace

A: Russia x2 & USA.
Liana, Alex & Brian were not born in Canada. Many guesses here included Trinidad, and although Mark's parents did immigrate (after his older brother was born), he was actually born in Canada.

A: Brooklyn, Vienna, Kansas.
But I forgot one that might count as an ancient place anyway? - Canaan

A: 1. Canaan. I guess we're not big on Bible names either. There are a few Biblical middle names, but not many.

A: 29...all except Vale (private school pre-school)

A: all 11.
I hope you had fun learning a few random facts about us:-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Kennedy Trivia - Questions

To celebrate the birth of Calli Grace (to Carter & Jillaine) on Nov 22nd, I did a little trivia in my stories on IG. Lots of people answered, and it was fun to see people's guesses. If you want to play along, here are the questions. I will post the answers HERE, in another post. Unfortunately these posted "backwards" so scroll to the bottom to start. Calli is Grandbaby # 30!!