Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tummy Time

I weighed him today at home (with me and without me on the scale), and he was 14lbs...can that be right? I will try again and see what it says later, that just seems like a massive weight gain in 2 weeks. I know he's huge, but that just seems HUGE. He is already outgrown the size 1 diapers and is in size 2. Yikes.
EDIT: I weighed him/us again a few times when he woke up...consistent answer of 12lbs 4oz! I must have been standing on the scale weird that first time.

Tummy time!

The giant baby. He looks about 3 months old or something!

Footprints again

When we arrived at the hospital for my followup appointment, Brooks said "This is where we got our baby!" as we entered the front doors of the hospital:-) Kenna corrected him and said we got our baby from the place with all the letters on the wall. They just marched right into the birthing center, and the pink room was open, and Kenna declared that is where our baby came from. And Brooks said "benember when we watched a movie right there?" So cute how they really remember it well. Side note: I love reading all the names on the wall while I wait for my appointments. Brian and I found one in March when we were there for Grey's birth...Lucifer

Here's all their feet, linked together with the vines.

The people behind the prints

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We love summer! Noodle soup and chicken salad...outside! They beg to eat outside everyday, even if it's raining...and I don't mind, between the grass and Traxie (Jack's Boston Terrier), I have almost nothing to clean up! Notice the Irish shirts (purchased post St Patty's Day for a dollar!), Kenna loves them, because they "make her Irish".

Grey is 5 weeks

Sleeping at Jacks. He's so big now! I need to weigh him again and see how much he weighs now...over the weekend we were at a birthday party and there were 2 other babies from church there. Carson was a preemie, he is 8 weeks old, and is now 6lbs, and Donovan is just 1.5 weeks old, and is almost 6lbs. Grey is literally twice their size. It's hilarious to see him next to them, he is so big and fat and looks like a huge blob next to those itty-bitties. Interesting...over the past two weeks we have met two other people named Grey. One of them is even named Raymond Gregory, and has always gone by Grey. So similar! Not that I was trying to be overly original, but still, I didn't think it would be a common name or nickname. Maybe I was wrong!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Over the Rainbow - Video

I love this version of the song by Eva Cassidy. I thought my Dad would like her voice too. Happy listening!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Singing - Video

Singing a song "Decomposing, Decay" from Sid the Science Kid...and then a Veggie Tales song. Kenna makes up her own words, or fills 'dead space' with jibberish or instrument sounds. Just having some fun while eating lunch!

So sorry the video is sideways, I will have to remember my phone does it that way...I was holding the phone normally, and it shows upright on the phone, but I guess I was supposed to do it with the phone open (which switches it from vertical to horizontal), argh.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bumbo Buddies

Trying out the Bumbo seat for the first time...

We still can't tell how much he loves or hates all the attention he gets...


Brave Boy

Brooks went to the dentist today for his first cleaning. He was so brave, he didn't cry/wasn't nervous! A big step for him!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Four Weeks Old

Lleyton Grey is 4 weeks old today. He is now 11lbs 2oz. Crazy big boy:-) Here's his adorable little face looking up at me from his sling

Don'tcha just want to kiss his chubby cheeks? I do!

Getting crabby

Getting really chubby!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday afternoons


And snacking...note to mom, don't serve a few celery sticks and leave the rest on the table. When you come back you find the whole package eaten...

...greens left behind. These kids are like rabbits. I asked them how the celery was. Pretty good, Kenna says


Playing with his hanging toys

He gets help from little hands

Lots of help

Sittin' on the couch. He really looks like Brian in this one!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who's Who

(I posted the correct answers in the comments:-)

Can you guess who is who? There are pictures of all three kids in here! (no fair looking back to old posts:-)

I've come to the conclusion that we could have a hundred kids, and they'd all look like this:

1. This is______?

2. This is______?

3. This is______?

4. This is______?

5. This is______?

6. This is______?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sleeping Baby

Hair We Go Again

Each of our kids have been born with an almost identical mop of dark hair. Kenna's was black at birth, and the most uneven. She had a old man's receding hairline in the front, basic coverage over all the rest (like Grey) and long strands in the back twice as long as anything else. Brooks was a bit lighter in colour initially (compared to Kenna - just brown, not black), but was all the same length, and no old man balding in the front, almost exactly like Grey's in every way...none of them have ever lost it, or even worn a bare spot in the back from rubbing it on the bed etc. Let's hope they don't go bald later in life, that would be a big shame...and ironic! I hope one of them at least end up with Brian's hair's rare to have hair that dark, and paired with blue eyes, it's awesome!

Here's some spiky hair on Lleyton Grey!

It's long!

Tramp Time!

We got a second-hand trampoline for the kids this winter, and finally got it all set up now that the weather is so nice.

Brooks is still nervous to stand and jump, if he's standing it needs to be perfectly still. A lot of his nervous 'issues' reminds me a lot of my brother Jared when he was little. Same expression on the face and everything. Thankfully Jared outgrew it all, as I'm sure Brooks will in time. But for now, Kenna is the brave one:-)

Of course, Kenna telling Jack and Brooks what to do and where to go

Kenna told me I looked like a puzzle. Why? I asked. "Cause this thing [the net] makes you all in pieces when you look through" :-)

Silly Kids

Going to sleep in Jack's bed...out of way of the crazies

He gets lots of love...

And lots of crazy antics to try and force him to smile

It's Jack-Jack! He loves the baby too!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

3 weeks old

Lleyton Grey is three weeks old today.

He's a good sleeper!