Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who's Who

(I posted the correct answers in the comments:-)

Can you guess who is who? There are pictures of all three kids in here! (no fair looking back to old posts:-)

I've come to the conclusion that we could have a hundred kids, and they'd all look like this:

1. This is______?

2. This is______?

3. This is______?

4. This is______?

5. This is______?

6. This is______?


  1. wow, those really do all look the same! I have no clue who's who!

  2. Wow, they look all the same! I could never tell, but #5 looks exactly like Keeley did as a baby, and I commented that Gray looked like Keeley, so I think #5 is Gray.

    I expect your mom to post a response...I can't wait to see how many she gets correct!

  3. I'll hold off on the answers until she does! Then you will all see if you thoughts were correct. I showed Brian this post last night and he got ALL of them wrong. It's really hard to tell!

  4. Brooks, Kenna, Gray, Kenna, Brooks, Gray! In that order from 1-6. How did I do?

  5. "Anonymous" (sorry, don't know who you are), got one correct, out of the six. Lucky thing they weren't triplets, or we'd be in trouble mixing them up!

  6. 1 Brooks
    2 Kenna
    3 Gray
    4 Brooks
    5 Kenna
    6 Gray

    This is Heather's answer :)

  7. SPOILER ALERT! Answers are:

    1. Grey
    2. Kenna
    3. Kenna
    4. Brooks
    5. Grey
    6. Brooks

  8. Ok, so I finally have a computer back and see I missed out on a lot of fun. Here's my guess: 1.Brooks, 2.Kenna, 3.Grey, 4.Kenna, 5.Grey, 6.Brooks

  9. And yes, I guessed before I opened the comments :)