Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grey is 5 weeks

Sleeping at Jacks. He's so big now! I need to weigh him again and see how much he weighs now...over the weekend we were at a birthday party and there were 2 other babies from church there. Carson was a preemie, he is 8 weeks old, and is now 6lbs, and Donovan is just 1.5 weeks old, and is almost 6lbs. Grey is literally twice their size. It's hilarious to see him next to them, he is so big and fat and looks like a huge blob next to those itty-bitties. Interesting...over the past two weeks we have met two other people named Grey. One of them is even named Raymond Gregory, and has always gone by Grey. So similar! Not that I was trying to be overly original, but still, I didn't think it would be a common name or nickname. Maybe I was wrong!

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