Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tummy Time

I weighed him today at home (with me and without me on the scale), and he was 14lbs...can that be right? I will try again and see what it says later, that just seems like a massive weight gain in 2 weeks. I know he's huge, but that just seems HUGE. He is already outgrown the size 1 diapers and is in size 2. Yikes.
EDIT: I weighed him/us again a few times when he woke up...consistent answer of 12lbs 4oz! I must have been standing on the scale weird that first time.

Tummy time!

The giant baby. He looks about 3 months old or something!

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  1. Hey Darla! In our case, Carter did have a very high fever. Being a new mom though, I thought it was just a cold or something. I didn't realize that any fever in a newborn is really serious. I knew I couldn't just give a newborn Tylenol or anything, so I called the nurse hotline up here to get info. They were really concerned and first told me to take him to the E.R., but then said I could first to go my family doctor. The family doctor then sent us to the E.R. and the saga began. I had no clue he had a UTI, his diapers were fine, he wasn't even complaining or fussy - the only symptom was a fever. It can be so scary as a mom and maintaining perspective - when to take action and when to just let them tough it out. The nurse hotline has been so helpful though!