Monday, July 28, 2014


We needed to get Brooks' hair cut, and didn't get around to having it done before we left for vacation, so we did it in Kitchener at "grandpa's" First Choice. Brooks adores the results. Here are the shocking before and afters!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Instagram Sept 2013

I love having Instagram! I love having the feed on the blog here, they are like quick mini blog posts! In an effort to "keep" the pictures I post there, I will repost here, so I have them in the future. Bear with a few old pictures, as I catch up and everything into the blog. Well...I won't do all my IG's, but just the ones worthy of keeping, in my opinion. I will caption them as I originally did on IG

Love these!!

Another empty trailer load! Moving is fun:-)

Moving fun! Kids labeling boxes:-)

First day of school at the Willow house!


The squirrel that walked right in the open door (moving boxes out). Then he couldn't/wouldn't leave. Moving is fun:-/
Trying to pack things into the van, and its suddenly pouring rain. Boo

It's getting empty in here! And Taye Diggs on tv too:-)

Kennedy made her bed at the Willow house. She's such a little organizer

I might need to improve my gardening skills...cause I love this flower! It's a fragrant rose that grows on a bush, up a trellis

Lucky me
Ta-da! Look what I did Mom! #LleytonGrey

I have a real laundry room for the first time since moving out of my parents house. Exciting!!

downtown Norfolk. It's a rare skyline, including war ships, as my kids call them:-)

Soccer practice for 3 year olds!

Play time at co-op for preschoolers

PreK cp-op fun!!
Dudes. Goodbye Ben & Joy

Our mailbox at Willow house makes me smile. So cute. I need to think of what flowers to plant in the box!

Yummy times with friends

They made their own pizza!

Nothing like a little wall ball to start the day off right

God makes beautiful things. #nofilter
An evening walk. The kids favourite thing to do is compare all the mailboxes. We didn't have mailboxes in Norfolk, so they are quite a novelty:-)

Grey's first game, and first time as goalie. He's terrible:-)

A password reminder for her voice activated diary. Haha

I just think these are hilarious...

Sunday night football with my people.

It's a picnic lunch in our yard!
Bolger-baby 3.0, they just keep getting cuter, don't they?

Jetting downtown to bring Brian his forgotten lunch & tools. Dominion Tower, his current jobsite.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Last night Daddy pulled out the very wiggly front tooth! Brooks was brave, and didn't even flinch! Mommy was a good tooth fairy (for once), and didn't forget to put some money under his pillow:-)

Animal Fun

Yesterday, rain threatened our beach day, so we turned it into an Animal Jungle day!
Miketo, a Serval cat

Meet Julius

With Vail and Corbin, and Julius:-)

Pretty colours!

Yah, I don't go in there. Pictures from the window


And today, the weather was perfect - so we hit the zoo!

Sun bear

Weird hornbill bird

Don't know what these were called. But they were really close, and really cute!

Well. There you have it. Urine Danger

Otters (with our friend Caitlyn)

We can't resist a picture with a Norfolk Mermaid:-)