Monday, July 28, 2008

Card Making Inspiration

While in Alberta we got into a card making frenzy! My mom has lots and lots of inks and stamps, so it was very fun to try lots of different things. Here are some examples of the cards mom and I made...I won't bore you with pictures of ALL of them!

I made these ones

I don't know how that pink & brown one made it in a picture, it's an ugly failure I tried to revive but couldn't :-)...if you get that card in the mail you'll know I don't like you very much

My mom made these ones...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kids Summer Pics

Kari (Chantelle's cousin) will be going to school for photography this fall in Edmonton. She came over and snapped a few pictures of the kids for me. They turned out so nice! It was much easier to get nice ones of Brooks as he is not in the crazy smile stage like Kenna is.

Handsome little guy

His famous "ooooo" face

My favourite one of all, I think

A nice smile from my pretty little girl!

Misc Fun

Logan and Lainie, giving the kids a ride

Kenna, loving her ice cream. The first time she had a cone, she started to eat it and called out to me "Ma, I'm eatin' the peel!"

Clowning around

A big step for Kenna - getting over her fear of animals. At first she was nervous around them, but by the end you couldn't keep her from catching a cat or puppy and dragging it around. This kitten, Popcorn, was the one that didn't seem to mind her loving torture.

Country Music Night

My Dad, lacking Lauryn and I (his talented vocalists, harhar) has found some replacements to sing with. Aerylin is great at harmonies, and Kari (Chantelle's cousin) actually sounds similar to me. They have a music night hosted by their church very month, so they volunteered to be the act this July while I was in town. I didn't have much time to get up to speed on the new way they do things now. Much more complicated than in the old days when it was just a few guitars. They have a whole arsenal of equipment now, and my brothers are just so good! Kaden plays drums, Davis the bass and Logan the guitar or piano. We put on a whole concert of gospel and secular country songs, it lasted about and hour and a half. It was so much fun, and we have it recorded so when I have a few spare minutes I will upload a minute or two of highlights. Dad, Kari, Chantelle, Aerylin and I each did a few songs as the lead and then did harmonies for each other etc. I was glad they let me be a part of their night, it was so fun to get a chance to sing again!

Aerylin, Me, Tilly, Kari, Dad & Logan. Davis and Kaden are kind of hiding behind.

Brent's Wedding - the end

I think this is the last of the pictures I will post from Brent & Chantelle's wedding. If they want any more posted they can get their own blog! :-D

Wedding party, again

A little take home gift for all the guests. Candles and wildflower seeds. At the park we also had water bottles with personalized labels with their names etc. They were very cool.

Cuties - Maryn (8) and Lehman (10). Maryn and Kenna had matching dresses.

A great pic of my Mom & Dad

I love this one, too cute

Lauryn's Wedding

Lauryn & Mark got married on March 8/08 in Toronto, so these are a few months old now. I didn't actually get any pictures of Lauryn's wedding since I was in the wedding, but while in Alberta was able to steal some from a friend who was there (thank you Laura!)...better late than never!

Mark & Lauryn Newallo

The only picture Laura had of us girls up front, unfortunately all fuzzy, but it's Tishanna, Michelle, Me and Rachel

The front of the church all decorated. This is Grace Baptist, the church I grew up in

Walking up the aisle with Dad

Singing together "We Bow Down" - Tishanna, Me, John Paul (Mark's cousin) and Jared (my bro)

Family picture, missing Davis, Kenna and Brooks

Blushing Bride

Saturday, July 26, 2008

House - update

Well, all the floors are done except the kitchen floor. They look so good! It feels like were walking on glass too. Now we are slowly trying to dust and unpack. The livingroom seems so big and open now that the wall is down. Remember before?

We have grass growing! Amazing sight! The flower gardens look so cute. I just love it.

The backyard is getting some grass too!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kids Baptism

A break from all the wedding pictures for a minute! The 6 youngest kids got baptized while we were there. They each gave their testimony and then we walked down to the pond for the baptism part. It was a really wonderful and memorable evening

Pastor Brian and Dad, baptizing Logan




Lehman - funny story - he insisted on wearing blue jeans into the water instead of swimming shorts. He started running out there and got water logged within a few steps and fell in! It was so funny!


Kaden and family friend, Aerylin


Nessa and Kenna

Brooksie & Tilly

Brooks and Kaden