Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lauryn's Wedding

Lauryn & Mark got married on March 8/08 in Toronto, so these are a few months old now. I didn't actually get any pictures of Lauryn's wedding since I was in the wedding, but while in Alberta was able to steal some from a friend who was there (thank you Laura!)...better late than never!

Mark & Lauryn Newallo

The only picture Laura had of us girls up front, unfortunately all fuzzy, but it's Tishanna, Michelle, Me and Rachel

The front of the church all decorated. This is Grace Baptist, the church I grew up in

Walking up the aisle with Dad

Singing together "We Bow Down" - Tishanna, Me, John Paul (Mark's cousin) and Jared (my bro)

Family picture, missing Davis, Kenna and Brooks

Blushing Bride

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