Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weekly Update

This week...or month really...has been busy! Starting the year off with a bang!

School - the kids are getting it done, and seem to be taking off in certain areas of past struggle. The whole "write 5 full sentences about _____" has always been hard for them, but recently they just seem to have the words to write. Funny how one can talk so much, and yet not have anything to write about. I guess I can relate. I used to think of myself as a terrible writer and with not much to say, but I guess I got over that too:-)

Work - Brian has been home in time for dinner this whole month so far. WHAT IS THAT?! Feels strange, but is really nice. He's had to work some on weekends, but he has a lot on his plate with employees, office stuff, and then jobsites (when things go wrong). For me, the month has given me quite a bit of "cookie work", which seems to be coming in at a slow and steady pace. I've only had to turn away work a few times, when the timing just doesn't work for me.

Health - I went on a sugar fast this month. It literally made me sick - headaches, etc, but I did it! I'm slowly re-introducing natural sugars, and am taking a few classes for strength and spinning and others at the Y. I am taking part in their 6 week program called Y Change, which is similar to Weight Watchers, only the trainers work out with you during the week (the classes), so it's not all about food. It is soooo hard. I am literally a walking muscle spasm, and my thighs are so sore I basically just fall backwards to sit down:-) The accountability is good for me though, and so for that, I'm enjoying it.

My birthday is soon!! This is a banner year, I suppose. It marks a halfway point! Once I am 36, I will have known Brian for HALF of my LIFE, as we met for the first time when we were 18. The thought of that pretty much blows my mind. First of all, how has it been 18 years since I was 18 years old? That's impossible! And how have those 18 years gone by so quickly? The next 18 better be markedly slower paced...please? :-)

The Patriots are going to the super bowl again. This makes Brian very happy. And thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift, he has a nice Pats hoodie to watch it in for good luck. Rounding up a few good wings recipes for our little Super Bowl party...

We have been having squirrels trying to get into Hugo house attic and chewing on the house, so we're started a little trapping and relocation enterprise. So far, 4 squirrels have been caught, and re-homed to a forrest, far, far away:-) We'll see if we can catch anymore!

If you'd like to see what my January has looked like, here are a few pictures! It's been a busy one for my cookie business!

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 2014 Instagram

He helped me clean a glass of eggnog out of the dining room carpet. Why do people put carpet in dining rooms? Merry Christmas present to us! ...much needed for our new house

Quiet play

Watching the little mermaid with my cuties. It's their first time to see the original. Kenna is ecstatic!!

Mr Personality. +

Happy New Year:-)

Using our free tickets to see...frozen!! The kids are very excited about this surprise!

Red Robin, cheers!

Entitled "this is Daddy" by L.G. Bolger

Making the kids collect all the Christmas things throughout the house and put them with the tree. Sad day:-(

Anybody wanna borrow a movie? I feel like we've got every one. Ever created.

Making some stock for chicken soup!

Had to make a sign today, for a wedding in the morning. Nothing like last minute!! (Thanks to Pinterest for inspiring brides in the 11th hour:-)

Look what I made tonight! It's not fondant, it's really smooth buttercream. Happy Birthday Ardyn!

basketball has we get another magnet for our van!

Our favourite "cure", super sized!

Thank you Tetris, for giving me the skills needed to pack the trunk after a Costco shop

Sneak peek!

We got a used fire pit for Christmas. Testing it out today with sticks from the yard. 55 degrees outside today. The coats and hats were a little over kill:-)

First manicure from her Christmas gifts!...I think this was from Janessa and Jillaine

It's school day for me today too! And I have to take notes for my poor memory. All the personal/impersonal, plurals and genders may be confusing me a little:-)

Playdoh time!

That is a huge bag! Putting the tree away this year is easier than ever, thanks to our new bag!...the box finally died, can't say I'm too sad about that. Easy peasy!

I believe this is the coldest its ever gotten here, by a long shot, since we've lived in Va Beach (10 years)

Things I should hope I never have to translate, or say..."your wife is big"

Kids making beds in the closet:-)

A space ready for the piano! Gonna get it moved here soon!

About 70 reasons, pictured here, why I am so glad I don't deal with winter on a regular basis

A huge pile of pancakes...and all that remains. These 5 kids are eating me out of house & home! least there is some left for me this time:-)

My calendar is here! It's January with Brent's family! #familycalendar

Happening now:-)

M is for mouth

Mitten match up
She got ink on her once used uniform. Don't ask me how. Grrrr!

When kids work remotes. Haha. Little couch potatoes!

He's a "bam-pire", he says

Someone brought this itty bitty to my house, and forgot it in my freezer. #dangerous #itsminenow

I feel like these rainboots are the fashion statement of my life

kayemargaret - maybe it depends on what looks best? I think of it as...the one I remove (chores etc) is the top one, the one I never take off is the wedding one.

This picture pretty much epitomizes Brooks' personality. He is a super enthusiastic Debbie Downer