Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Flowers!

Just a bit of prettiness from our yard

Such a happy little flower

Summer's here!


Playing hide and seek around a big tree

Soccer time with Grandpa B.

Buddies, blowing bubbles

Running around catching bubbles. He's a little athlete.

Pillow Boy

Brooks sleeps under pillows, not blankets. It's pretty funny to see him all buried under there. I usually have to take one off of his head, just cause it makes me feel better.

Don't move

This is from last Wednesday. I got them all ready for church...a bit too early. They were instructed not to move until it was time to go, so they watched WallE (what else?).

Saturday, March 28, 2009


We got some "new" bedroom furniture! I really like it. Our friends are about to leave (this summer) for further training with their missions organization, for Missions Aviation. So they are selling their house and getting rid of quite a bit of stuff. We were the lucky recipients of their bedroom furniture, which we gladly accepted since ours was a mis-mash of lots of different pieces. It's nice to have them all matching now!

We are undergoing a shift in the way our rooms are set up...we are also being given a piano, due to arrive early April. It won't really fit anywhere...SO! I put our 1 antique dresser in the kids room, and put the change table in storage. The little TV/DVD/VCR is going into our room (so we have a place to have kids 'out of the way' with company over etc, it comes in handy to be able to put a movie on for them.), since there is no room in the den with the piano coming. We have a futon in there...we debated getting rid of it and keeping the tv in there, but...we really do kind of need that for over night guests, it's just the most convenient thing. So, in the office, a desk, 2 filing cabinets, futon, big green chair and an upright piano. I think it will all work out once we get the piano in place. I am still figuring out the arrangement of our room, we might put the green chair in there...

Half the time I feel like we don't have enough furniture, and half the time we have too much! I really feel like we are starting to replace things for a better fit. I have my eye on a desk that would be ideal and a big space saver...we'll see! Pictures to come!

FUNNY PART: Under my bed Brooks found a little puzzle piece. He asked Kenna "What's dis Kenna?",
"Oh that's a pexagon!"
"A het-dadon? ohhhh, look! My hetdadon!"

Funny thing is that it actually was a pexagon/hetdadon/hexagon. They know their shapes!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Doing some gymnastics! I was teaching Kenna how to do a real (proper) somersault, so we got out the egg-crate foam for some official instruction - and soft landing for Mom!

Brooks, his valiant attempt at the splits.

Kenna's splits

Rolling from end to end, way too much fun

Stork stand! She can do this with either leg.

Attack of the Sushi

Yesterday we got all ready to feed the fish, we were ready and excited with food in hand, as we approached the fish bowl, I see this:

It does sort of appear that the fish is simply swimming upside down or something in this picture...but he is not moving a single gill, and is essentially trapped between a couple rocks and the edge of the vase. I almost had a heart attack! We've only had him three days and he's dead!! I panicked just a little...ummmm...maybe we'll wait to feed him kids....I tapped on the glass - no movement at all...yah, lets wait until Daddy gets home...Why Mom? Is he dead? She's far too perceptive, in my opinion! I tapped the glass again and nothing. Grrrreat! We were turning to leave him and suddenly he flutters his "tail" and kind of wiggles a bit and starts swimming around. YIKES. My poor heart was literally pounding. I really have no idea why, other than the thought of having to personally save him by untrapping him petrified me. A note another time about my extreme and irrational fears of birds, fish and many other creatures.

Brian laughed at me when he got home. Later that night, there was the fish, "trapped" again. Brian did acknowlegde that yes, he really does look dead and stuck. Again today the fish is doing it so I took a picture of it. I think we have a fish with tunneling insincts:-)

Monday, March 16, 2009


WallE is a cute movie. We have already seen it 3 times since Sunday morning. Because there isn't much talking from WallE or Eve, it's been fun to teach Kenna some new 'feeling' words. She is always saying "Mom! Look, look, what's he doing?" Since you can see our tv from practically everywhere in the house it's easy to glance over and see what's up. So I tell her WallE is anxious (when Eve tears up his video tape) and being mischievous (when he puts dirt on the cleaning robot), and so on. Can't wait until she starts using some of those in conversation! I suppose it's actually a cute little learning tool...and much more educational than serving Mr Noodles/Ramen noodles for lunch and telling her it's like Po's noodles on Kung Fu Panda, LOL:-)

Watching WallE and eating cheese after Sunday naps.

Nemo Sushi

Kenna got a few presents...WallE, The Little Mermaid 2, some other Ariel movie (Disney never stops!), clothing, shoes, a bubble maker, a plastic "princess" (Disney again!) tea set, "stamps" by Melissa & Doug (rubber ink & stamp set for kids), and a Dora drawing book. Everyone was very generous with her! All of those presents are cool, but Meghan's gift takes the cake...a fish. A fish is about all the responsibility a three year old can handle, probably:-) All she has to do is feed it one pellet per day. It's a beta fish, as they can live in the little eco system you see going on in the vase...they eat on the roots or whatever. Meghan had a beta fish for quite a few years, and so she passed on the supplies and went with Kenna to pick out her own fish.

This fish was selected because it was the most active, but is not the most beautiful. When we ok'd the fish plan we discussed what we would name it, and Brian came up with Sushi, and I thought that was so cute. Upon seeing the fish in the store he was immediately dubbed Nemo. When she brought him home and Brooksie saw he him, the first word out of his mouth was also Nemo! They seem to have forgotten about that now, I just refer to the fish as Sushi and they are following suit. Brooks says "Sue-see". I really didn't feel like having a fish named Nemo...I think kids ought to be much older until they are allowed to name living things.

He's on the entertainment centre, under the tv. If he is tampered with we will have to find another place, but so far they are very good about only looking and not tapping on the glass and so on.

Closer up

Trying to catch his colours, hard to do when he's swimming around. He's sort of orange like Nemo:-)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy 3 years!!

We had a fun birthday weekend with Kenna. We had Brian's family over, as well as some friends with little girls around her age. On Saturday's we usually make pizza, and that would be a great thing to serve lots of people, but Kenna really doesn't like pizza all that much...and since it was her birthday, I asked Brian what she would like to eat...we came to the conclusion...VEGETABLES! Since that's all she really likes to eat we had a veggie meal, in honour of Kenna:-) I made a stir fry (also with chicken), and we had green beans and stuffed mushrooms too, she seemed quite happy with it all. Of course we had cake and ice cream (cookie dough) for dessert.

Since I started this blog when Kenna turned 1, I thought I would post just a few cute pics of her beginnings, since they aren't documented on the blog. She's a cutie and a joy, we love her to bits!!

Kenna, July 2006

Her feet on the wall at the birthing center.

On the day she was born, March 15th, 2006

Kisses from Daddy after a few days under the lights for jaundice, Mar 17th.

Happy St Patricks Day from my little yellow raccoon.

July 2006

March 15, 2009, asleep for the night.

Haircuts (again!)

Brooks was due for another haircut this weekend. Here are the before pictures, while Brian was setting up.

Brooks was a little nervous about standing on the stool. A little odd, since he drags a stool around and stands on it all the time to reach what he wants. I guess since this was in the middle of the room it scared him.

Ides of March

After we sang and blew out candles. She hadn't seen the cake until right before we sang, and she gasped, I asked her Wow! What is it? She throws her arms up and says "funfetti!!!" which is the type of cake it was. We all laughed, after that she acknowledged the Eve part.

How I made Eve

Even with my limited cake decorating abilities, I think she turned out rather nice. I drew her on paper and then cut the cake around my template.

Almost finished! My hand was cramping up from making so many little stars.

If I can do it, anyone can!! I thought she looked pretty realistic when all was said and done. I put three green candles in her little "directive" symbol to blow out. After the fact I realize I got the green leaf emblem wrong, but oh well, it was close enough:-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthdays are near!

Brooks is more than in love with "co-cakes". We made these for Kenna's Wednesday night class at church. She was so excited! "And they will sing, Happy Bir-day dear Kenna!" What a cutie. Once they were made, it was considerably harder to keep them excited about having them at church, it seemed to be a good idea to just eat them all now! I have everything ready for my Eve cake, I made a template and everything, so we'll see! I will be baking it tomorrow I think and icing it on Sat...although I don't know that I can keep it fresh I don't have a container that shape/that big. On second thought I will bake it early on Sat and ice it during naps and hide it until the big reveal!

Up Close and Personal

Lunch time, My Pay-Part

Eating mac & cheese for lunch, I had out the video camera capturing their cute little conversation, and I snapped a few stills too. We have a cute little tradition that Kenna started back in the fall I think. Everytime we eat she loves to ask "What's your favourite part Mom/Dad/Brooks?" And we each pick out our fave part of the meal. This is Brooks' fave conversation starter now "What's your pay-part? da cheese?" Even when there is no cheese involved in the meal he likes to assume your favourite part will be the cheese. When we all say our favourite part (the chicken, the noodles, the sauce, the carrots...we disect it:-) I ask him, and he loves to copy the person who went before him. When he says "da cay-rits" and his plate is full of carrots, I say, Really? Didn't you like the cheese best? "Yes Mom" I tend to say this even when there is no cheese, just because. It's so fun to have fun with them. Lol.

He needs another haircut already.

How old are you going to be? Three fingers! Kenna, why don't you open your eyes and don't be silly.

As I paused to look at the picture I just took, she says Mom, look, my eyes are open. She is definitely crazy!

Sweet boy, he's full of nice smiles. His vocabulary is getting so big now! He loves to be given a choice of "do you like it, or love it?" He likes to say yuh-ove it. Then I say, "do you love it, or not?" He always say NOT!! With such conviction:-) Every little thing he does now, he likes to declare, I WINNED!! Winning is very important to him, along with being a bee-boy (big boy). He knows he will be two fingers old, but Kenna's big 3 milestone is overshadowing for the moment.

Friday, March 6, 2009

This Weekend

We are currently in NY and I am curled up on a hotel bed watching Bee Movie with Brooksie. Brian's Grandma passed away this week, and the viewings are today, and the funeral tomorrow. We drove through the night arriving around 1am (almost an 8 hr trip to where his Grandma lived), and the kids did great as far as mood and attitude, but they only slept for about an hour of the trip. Bah! I hate it that they don't sleep in the car, aren't kids supposed to love that? Today they slept in and had an early nap, but Brooks only made it through an hour at the funeral home before it was time to make our departure. Just as I was leaving the priest arrived to say a few words, so hopefully Kenna is being good! She got to meet her "cousins"...they are Brian's young cousins (Haylee & Edwin), and his cousins children (second cousins - Kayla & Jack), all between 8 and 1 years old, and she was having a blast with them "playing cards" with Uno cards and various other quiet activities. Tomorrow will be the funeral, and we will head back home. It was nice for me to meet quite a few of his cousins/family members I had never met before. There will be even more at the viewing tonight, so we may pop back over if someone can watch the sleeping kids. So our busy trip is going well so far, but a good nights sleep will do wonders for us all, I think!

Monday, March 2, 2009

"It's 'nowing! Wa-hooo!"

This morning we woke up to SNOW! This is actually the most snow we've seen since we moved here in 2004. Last night was a really big storm, rain, high winds, temperature dropping, and at some point the rain turned to freezing rain & snow. Kenna was so excited! "Can we touch it Mom?" so I scraped a handful off of the car (the only place I could pick some up without also getting dirt, since there really isn't much). "It's cold. Wow" says Brooks.