Thursday, March 19, 2009

Attack of the Sushi

Yesterday we got all ready to feed the fish, we were ready and excited with food in hand, as we approached the fish bowl, I see this:

It does sort of appear that the fish is simply swimming upside down or something in this picture...but he is not moving a single gill, and is essentially trapped between a couple rocks and the edge of the vase. I almost had a heart attack! We've only had him three days and he's dead!! I panicked just a little...ummmm...maybe we'll wait to feed him kids....I tapped on the glass - no movement at all...yah, lets wait until Daddy gets home...Why Mom? Is he dead? She's far too perceptive, in my opinion! I tapped the glass again and nothing. Grrrreat! We were turning to leave him and suddenly he flutters his "tail" and kind of wiggles a bit and starts swimming around. YIKES. My poor heart was literally pounding. I really have no idea why, other than the thought of having to personally save him by untrapping him petrified me. A note another time about my extreme and irrational fears of birds, fish and many other creatures.

Brian laughed at me when he got home. Later that night, there was the fish, "trapped" again. Brian did acknowlegde that yes, he really does look dead and stuck. Again today the fish is doing it so I took a picture of it. I think we have a fish with tunneling insincts:-)


  1. Well I had an experience yesterday. At someone's home and they greated us at the door with snakes wrapped around them. Once inside they asked if we'd like to hold them. They were just getting ready to feed them. Talk about irrational fear! LOL Not a chance would I hold them. Interesting to see behind glass, watching them eat etc. but touch them....not a chance! Maryn did though. The snake wrapped itself around her arm etc and she was cool with it but all of a sudden she said "it's in my hair. It had crawled up her arm which she obviously hadn't minded but then was under her hair and going around her neck. The thought of that alone is enough to admit me to a physciatric ward.
    For the record they were 2 corn snakes.

  2. ooops should have hit review not publish - typo....greeted us at the door.

  3. He's sleeping! Mine does it all the time. I have a picture of Punkin drinking water from "Alphie's" bowl. He does that every day and Alphie seems to like it... looks forward to it... plays with Punkin while he drinks. RIGHT....