Saturday, March 28, 2009


We got some "new" bedroom furniture! I really like it. Our friends are about to leave (this summer) for further training with their missions organization, for Missions Aviation. So they are selling their house and getting rid of quite a bit of stuff. We were the lucky recipients of their bedroom furniture, which we gladly accepted since ours was a mis-mash of lots of different pieces. It's nice to have them all matching now!

We are undergoing a shift in the way our rooms are set up...we are also being given a piano, due to arrive early April. It won't really fit anywhere...SO! I put our 1 antique dresser in the kids room, and put the change table in storage. The little TV/DVD/VCR is going into our room (so we have a place to have kids 'out of the way' with company over etc, it comes in handy to be able to put a movie on for them.), since there is no room in the den with the piano coming. We have a futon in there...we debated getting rid of it and keeping the tv in there, but...we really do kind of need that for over night guests, it's just the most convenient thing. So, in the office, a desk, 2 filing cabinets, futon, big green chair and an upright piano. I think it will all work out once we get the piano in place. I am still figuring out the arrangement of our room, we might put the green chair in there...

Half the time I feel like we don't have enough furniture, and half the time we have too much! I really feel like we are starting to replace things for a better fit. I have my eye on a desk that would be ideal and a big space saver...we'll see! Pictures to come!

FUNNY PART: Under my bed Brooks found a little puzzle piece. He asked Kenna "What's dis Kenna?",
"Oh that's a pexagon!"
"A het-dadon? ohhhh, look! My hetdadon!"

Funny thing is that it actually was a pexagon/hetdadon/hexagon. They know their shapes!!

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