Friday, March 6, 2009

This Weekend

We are currently in NY and I am curled up on a hotel bed watching Bee Movie with Brooksie. Brian's Grandma passed away this week, and the viewings are today, and the funeral tomorrow. We drove through the night arriving around 1am (almost an 8 hr trip to where his Grandma lived), and the kids did great as far as mood and attitude, but they only slept for about an hour of the trip. Bah! I hate it that they don't sleep in the car, aren't kids supposed to love that? Today they slept in and had an early nap, but Brooks only made it through an hour at the funeral home before it was time to make our departure. Just as I was leaving the priest arrived to say a few words, so hopefully Kenna is being good! She got to meet her "cousins"...they are Brian's young cousins (Haylee & Edwin), and his cousins children (second cousins - Kayla & Jack), all between 8 and 1 years old, and she was having a blast with them "playing cards" with Uno cards and various other quiet activities. Tomorrow will be the funeral, and we will head back home. It was nice for me to meet quite a few of his cousins/family members I had never met before. There will be even more at the viewing tonight, so we may pop back over if someone can watch the sleeping kids. So our busy trip is going well so far, but a good nights sleep will do wonders for us all, I think!

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  1. Sorry to hear about Brian's loss. :( I hope everything runs smoothly and the kids and you guys enjoy visiting with family.