Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dentist Visit

It was Kenna's first trip to the dentist today. She did amazing!! I had my regular cleaning about 3 weeks ago, and I brought her with me to observe, and we've talked about it lots. So she arrived today fully prepared and ready to go. She had no complaints and didn't seem nervous at all. I snapped this pic on my phone. She has no cavaties, and an overbite that we'll have to keep an eye on for the future, but hopefully she'll grow and it will solve itself.


This is a little thing that's been flying around facebook. Fun...but I really think everyone already knows this about me. I suppose I'm not overly exciting...I have worked lots, not traveled, and now I'm home lots:-)

Three names I go by.
1. Darby/Darbs
2. Dar
3. D-bird

Three jobs I have had.
1. Warehouse worker (Scholastic & Canada Publishing)
2. Family & Conference Coodinator (IBLP/ATI)
3. Bookkeeper (Gyro Mazda & Sturdevant Construction)

Three places I have lived.
1. Markham, Ontario
2. Hinsdale, IL
3. Fairport, NY

Three t.v. shows I watch.
1. House
2. The Office
3. Heroes

Three places I have been.
1. Chiapas, Mexico
2. Nashville, TN
3. Calgary, Alberta

Three of my fav. foods.
1. a great burger & fries
2. fish & chips (halibut)
3. lasagna

Three things I am looking forward to.
1. All my house project being DONE & having a craft room
2. Watching my children grow up
3. Going to England with my husband

Little Guy

I made a little CD scrapbook all about Brooks & Daddy. In keeping with the CD theme, each page has words to the chorus from Little Guy (by Gord Bamford). It turned out SO cute! He're a link to the precious song, since I'm sure not many have heard it (it's country, and he's Canadian). So sweet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_wso8Zo7-A

Grandma's Birthday

What does every Grandma want for her birthday? A princess cake, naturally! We celebrated my mom's birthday remotely, and made Kenna's prized princess cake mix. It sure was good!

Zoo Day

We are the proud owners of a family zoo pass. Yay! We're excited to be able to go lots and lots, the zoo is only about 3 miles from our house, so it can be a quick morning trip, or an all day affair, whatever we're in the mood for. The first day we chose to go, it was 100 degrees outside! It made for a very tiring day, I think we spent 2.5 hrs walking around and looking at the animals.

This one was so close to us (at the "moat"), drinking, splashing, and blowing water out of it's trunk. We watched him for a long time.

It was too hot for the lions, they're sleeping in their cave. That was sad, we wanted to see them.

The girls thought this fox was so cute.

This monitor dragon scared Brooks. His display cage was low, on kid eye level, so they could walk right up to him. Brooks didn't think that was the best idea.

Throwing mud on himself to keep cool

Lots of giraffes eating trees

Kenna loved the love-birds

The other animals at the zoo!

And, the batteries died on the camera, so we missed some great pictures of the kids playing in the water park, chasing a peacock, petting goats, peeking up through the ground with the prairie dogs, and climbing on all the statues. Next time!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Imaginary Play

Kenna and Brooks are in the phase right now of playing "Mom & Dad", "Dogs & Cats" or "Babies" constantly. When Brooks is a baby he likes to be completely wrapped up.

The big girls are lots of fun. Here is a fort complete with a canopy, in case it rains!

Kenna in the fort/baby crib.

The other baby. What a cutie!

Another Cousin is Here!!

My sister Lauryn and her husband Mark welcomed their first baby, Mattea Leigh into the world on July 10th. She was 8lbs 15oz and 21.25in long.

Although generally looking like Mark, I can see a Kennedy hairline/pattern here.

Chilling with her Uncle Nigel

After a bath with Grandma N

At the hospital with Daddy

She looks like her Dad!

Lots of hair!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baseball Game

Janessa at her first "big league" game, we have a triple A team here.


Brian and his baseball boy

I love how this picture is supposed to be of the girls and Brooks is there in the shot doing his best "chinese smile" as we call it:-)

Brian and his friends, Tom & Sam

Loving the game!
Kenna loved it too!

Someone bought a funnel cake and was passing it down the line. Brian handed it to me, and then bangs the bottom of the plate (on purpose), sending icing sugar flying all over my face:-)

Hanging out in the parking lot after the game. It takes a long time for all the cars to file out.

Here he is "shaking the deuce" (? Throwing the deuce? I forget what Brian calls it?) He does do it properly, but this pic only caught the one finger up. He's a rock star in training :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009


Bird feeders hung from Daddy's chin-up bar. They are pine cones covered in peanut butter and birdseed. We hung them in the morning, and Kenna would "check on them" periodically. She woke up from her nap and immediate peered out the door to see if there were any birds. She came running to us completely panic-stricken "Mom, Mom, the birds stole the feeders, come see!!!" Sure enough there was only yellow yarn hanging there, pine cones completely gone. I suspect squirrels to be the culprits, but I didn't tell her that, as I thought she'd be upset, since they were made for birds to come eat. I just said they likely got eaten up. "But what about the pine cones? They don't like to eat pine cones" She sounded incredulous! She's too smart. No playing games with this kid! Jillaine chimed in that they could have been carried off to feed babies in a nest. Then I mentioned a few scenarios involving birds, squirrels, chipmunks etc. I even quoted small portions of Monty Python "he could grip it by the husk" for cultural educations sake. lol.

Since the exercise bar is in the picture I might mention that Brian has been doing some intense workouts with his friend Tom (who works out very intensely!) In fact, Brian has now thrown up all over the yard twice now. I guess I don't work out hard enough, as this has never happened to me! The most recent occurance of this was on Sat night, and it's on video. Oh Joy! The girls get a kick out of watching it, and said I should post it, but I said that might be just a little too gross. Who really wants to see somebody throw up? They said they'd watch it, I said they might be the only ones.

Playing together



We gave the "cloud" swing a break and put up the rings for them to learn some tricks.

Brooks is potty training this week. He's doing wonderfully!

Pony Rides!

Riding Dakota

He's a "brave co-boy!"

She's not scared of horses at all!

Riding Thomas. He was pretty nervous at first, but warmed up to it.

She's a cowgirl for sure.

Times of Old

Well, it's been 6 years since we packed up the old childhood "Playmobil room" in Ontario. For some reason, we didn't take it down in the best way...everything is all jumbled together in seemingly random order. I think we had a plan when we did it, but it makes no sense now. So while the girls are here, one of our projects is to get it all out, and separate it into bins according to "Victorian", "Farm" etc. So it's easier to find certain things or types of things. It took quite a bit of memory to remember how some of these went together, let me tell you!!

Ok, what was that white dog's name? Here's Earecka and Milo the cat. I think I will never forget this set, it was the first Victorian one we bought I think.

The back side of a horse barn

London England, 1883, that is what "year it was"

Just a little trip down memory lane. The only thing that appears to be missing, is the roof of Gary & Charlane's house (which will only mean something to two people, Jared & Lauryn, lol)...stilll on the lookout for it. Otherwise it's all there, and there is a TON of it!!