Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baseball Game

Janessa at her first "big league" game, we have a triple A team here.


Brian and his baseball boy

I love how this picture is supposed to be of the girls and Brooks is there in the shot doing his best "chinese smile" as we call it:-)

Brian and his friends, Tom & Sam

Loving the game!
Kenna loved it too!

Someone bought a funnel cake and was passing it down the line. Brian handed it to me, and then bangs the bottom of the plate (on purpose), sending icing sugar flying all over my face:-)

Hanging out in the parking lot after the game. It takes a long time for all the cars to file out.

Here he is "shaking the deuce" (? Throwing the deuce? I forget what Brian calls it?) He does do it properly, but this pic only caught the one finger up. He's a rock star in training :-)

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