Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This is a little thing that's been flying around facebook. Fun...but I really think everyone already knows this about me. I suppose I'm not overly exciting...I have worked lots, not traveled, and now I'm home lots:-)

Three names I go by.
1. Darby/Darbs
2. Dar
3. D-bird

Three jobs I have had.
1. Warehouse worker (Scholastic & Canada Publishing)
2. Family & Conference Coodinator (IBLP/ATI)
3. Bookkeeper (Gyro Mazda & Sturdevant Construction)

Three places I have lived.
1. Markham, Ontario
2. Hinsdale, IL
3. Fairport, NY

Three t.v. shows I watch.
1. House
2. The Office
3. Heroes

Three places I have been.
1. Chiapas, Mexico
2. Nashville, TN
3. Calgary, Alberta

Three of my fav. foods.
1. a great burger & fries
2. fish & chips (halibut)
3. lasagna

Three things I am looking forward to.
1. All my house project being DONE & having a craft room
2. Watching my children grow up
3. Going to England with my husband

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