Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 4th!

I uploaded these pictures backwards, so this chronicles our events from end to beginning:-) We went downtown for some of the festivities and had tons of fun!

Pink, Ivory and Purple...instead of Red White & Blue. We pureed strawberries and blueblerries with some icing sugar and added it to the french vanilla ice cream. A yummy flag dessert!

Brooks talked a big game...Fireworks! I never see dem a-fo-wa (before) (repeated a hundred times). As soon as they started, this was all he did...bury into our shoulders to get away from the noise.

Mommy's favourite kind

So pretty

Kenna loved it all, when she saw all the smoke being blown away in the breeze, she said it looked like a spidery web.

Watching the show (right before it actually started, notice Brooks' presence)! We also brought Kenna's friend Sarah with us.


Goofing around waiting for the show to start

Mommy's glasses

Best Friends!

A Kenna face!



This ship is part of the Brazilian Navy, it was built in 1999. By just looking at it, I thought it was OLD. I didn't know they made stuff like that anymore, it was pretty cool.

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