Monday, June 29, 2009

Swine Flu

Kenna has had a cold for a few days, and on Sunday morning, I was pretty sure she had an ear infection. I had to sing in church on Sunday, so right after singing I left for home and took Kenna to Patient First. Before entering the building, in the outer lobby, there was hand sanitizer, and signs..."If you have a fever AND a cough or runny nose..." you have to wear a mask because of the Swine Flu. Of course, I knew she didn't but rules are rules! The mask was so big I had to take a hair clip out of her hair and clip it at the back of her head. So cute. I could tell she was sick because she didn't mind keeping it on. A double ear infection was the diagnosis, and now she's feeling better with some medicine in her system.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Family Vacation Part 2

Some more random and fun. We packed a lot into seven days, that's for sure!

Brian took Lehman shooting

Shooting Brian's glock .45, he did extremely well! He saved his targets to show his brothers back home. He's the first boy in the family to shoot a handgun, I believe.

Lehman sure did love that ocean!

A Sonic treat for all

Lehman - unbelief. They were some BIG drinks!

Sunkissed face

Look at how dark Janessa has gotten in just a few days in the sun. They are all so brown! Not me though, I'm still white as a ghost:-D

Jillaine, Kenna and Me

I'm in the foreground with Brian and Lehman (little lesson going on) in the background.

Brooks overcame his fear of the water by our second day out. Then he was loving it!

Kenna, trying to have fun in the water and Mommy, trying to keep her from drowning. That girl has NO fear of water whatsoever!

Gotta love Brooks' expression:-)

Family Vacation

A pretty view from the boat

USS Wisconsin


A view from the Wisconsin

On the USS Wisconsin. They look so little by comparison!

It's a huge boat!

Reading his counting book

Canada '09 matching shirts.

Maryn & Kenna hugging

Beach Scene

Some of my family came to visit for a week, and two of my sisters are staying for 2 months! Here is some fun we had at the beach. It was a complete hit and we went to the beach every day, almost. We got really sunburned on the last all day out, and so we spent their final day at home bathing in green aloe gel:-)

We made a little aquarium of live clams and sand a frisbee. Lol.

Watching the show

Watch your language, please!

Getting some frozen custard on the boardwalk

You can just see the back of Brian's head here with Lehman...he was teaching him to Boogie board, but a wave swelled up and blocked my shot. It's hard to see the LCD screen in the bright light of the sun, so I am never sure what pics I am really getting.

Puddle jumping

Swimming with Jillaine

It's King Neptune

Here he is...he's huge! Of course we call him Triton, 'cause he looks like the dad on the Little Mermaid...

Beachy grin


Here are the four siblings all together for a brief moment in time...Ann's been at school, and will return again this fall to Moody, so here they are! Lauren & Brian in VA, Meghan in NY, and Ann in IL!

Daddy's Boy

Some pictures taken by Lehman. Brooks loves to be like Daddy by wearing his hat!


On our anniversary we went to a seafood restaurant for a nice meal, and left the kids with McDonalds at Lauren's with Grandma for their dinner.


These are some cookies I made using the cake mix recipe I posted about earlier in the month. This is Devil's Food, with peanut butter & chocolate chips. They were so delicious. And very chewy! Highly recommended for a quick cookie recipe.


Natalie, the little girl I watch, eating her hotdog.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Last night we had a little party to celebrate Brian, Ann & Meghan's birthday (all in May & June). We all wore black so we could match and get a family picture. This is the first time we have all been together since Christmas 2007! We have mostly been together since then, but usually minus Ann, who attends Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. So a family picture was definitely in order to capture the memory. There are better ones on a great camera, but this one (the last pic taken) was on Ann's camera, so we wouldn't have to wait for the real deal...I also then stole it from facebook, so the quality is somewhat degraded.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Softball Game

The haircut

He is loving baseball, and has all the concepts down about hit it with a bat, catch it, and run (and score!...he likes to "winned"). Everytime the other team was out to field he was looking out there and saying "I can't see Daddy ah-de-wheya (anywhere)"

Playing with her friend on the top bleacher. Silly me for thinking I could catch her in a 'natural' pose. :-D

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friends and Birthdays

Kenna and her best friend Libby, the birthday girl.

Even Hank the Dog had to get in on the present opening action

An exhausted Brooks, having fun. This was the day before his big haircut. Now it's way short again, I'll post pics soon!