Thursday, September 30, 2021

Extended Fam Bolger Family Pictures '21

 These can all speak for themselves! Pictures taken by Virginia Stroud Photography

Homemade Pizza Sauce - Recipe

Since getting the pizza oven we have been perfecting all things PIZZA! Can't say it's the worst thing ever๐Ÿ˜‰ For a traditional NY style pizza, we only like Contadina brand pizza sauce. But for something more Neapolitan styled, we really like this one that I make...

 15 oz crushed fire roasted tomatoes*

1 T evoo

1 small clove garlic, roughly chopped

1/2t dried oregano

scant 1/2t kosher salt

Blend until fully combined. Keeps about 1 week in the fridge. This style of pizza sauce is runnier than the "American style" but it's easy to whip up and really really YUM!

*can use non fire roasted, but I like the flavour of the fire roasted better - so, as pictured, I went with diced over crushed because that's all the store had when I was shopping - the diced were fire roasted and the crushed weren't. So can play with it/use what you have access to!

OBX '21

Another trip to the Outer Bank of NC is under our belts! This is our 3rd year to go, and each has been fun! Both other times we went at the end of May, and honestly...Sept is better, haha! Weather wise, it was my favourite of the 3 years. We were intending to go in May '21, but Covid delays for Jake & Ann (traveling in from Belgium) had us push it back so they could be there. A wonderful time to spend a week with Brian's family!

 Kind of a photo dump of the entire week from my phone, videos will be in another post, and pics from Kenna's phone in another...

All those shiny white bits are jellyfish

The palm in the front yard was growing some variety of persimmon from it (according to Google)

They were very sour!

Mr X won at Scotland Yard!!

She picked out a stuftie from the Forbes Candy Store as her "treat"


More Mulligans!

I LOVE beach houses!

At the local coffee place we love, they had this coffee from Chiapas...since I've been there, I had to buy it! It is really good!

Duck donuts!

Hunting crabs with Momma and new pet

Pool, hottub, campfire - of course!

Hot tub crowd!

I should've just bought it ๐Ÿ˜‚

A fisherman pulled in a sting ray!

Vale was fascinated but didn't want to touch it. Another little girl on the beach was brave!

Sister Sister

Meggie made us some delicious homemade biscuits one morning

Pizza Oven party!


Mini golf girl

Beach bums

Dipping her toes > Swimming

Dinners together!

Sleepy girl. She didn't feel well the first few days we were there. She was really stuffed up:-(

Our little cousin Holden Liam!