Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Cakes

Waiting 'patiently' for them to cool! We made orange/fudge marble pumpkin cakes! I figured this was less messy & more age appropriate than carving an actual pumpkin, so these are our pumpkins this year! Tomorrow night we go to a harvest party, and we're really looking forward to it!

Decorating! Side note - notice Brooks' shirt? I showed it to him, and asked him what it says, "Basketball!" he replied. Yes, there is a basketball on it:-) Daddy has a Brooklyn tee too.

Take a wild guess - one was decorated by Mommy, and one by 3 little kids :-)

Kenna girl

Jack & Brooks

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rained Out

It started to rain as we arrived to soccer practice today, so we waited in the car for a little while until it stopped. They were so anxious to get out there, and it didn't rain for too long.

Brooks loves his baseball hat from Uncle Brent (John Deere). He told me he would "play soccer with his feet and baseball with his hat". He really associates sports with their hats...when the football game cuts to a shot of the coaches on the sidelines (all wearing baseball hats) He says "oh, now it baseball! Now it's football! Now it's baseball!" as they cut back and forth. So funny.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Memory Lane

I've been having fun the past few days getting old pictures uploaded into my new Photo Archieve Blog. I didn't get the idea to put pics online for out of town people (all our families!) until Kenna was 1 year old. I have been loving looking through all the old pictures of Kenna's beginnings. What a cute little girl! I'm only about half way done, but I am making good progress. I think there are more than 400 pics to upload!

It's funny the things you are reminded of in pictures. When Brooks was born, we thought Kenna was so big. Now when I look at the pics, I realize she was just a little baby herself! I really do need to get caught up on some hard copy scrapbooks for the kids, but I sure do love my 'online scrapbooks' too!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


We went on a hayride this past Friday at our churches annual fall party. We had a lot of fun! There is a chili cook off each year, and I was not intending to enter, as I made Taco Soup. But I won second place! I love that soup, it's one of my faves!

It was PITCH black out there (a ranch), and taking pictures towards the horses was a bad idea, in case they were spooked by the flash. I snapped two right at the end of the ride (waiting to unload), facing away from the horses. Anyway, I couldn't even really see what I was taking a picture of, so of course, they aren't the best...but it proves we were there!

He was sitting up on Daddy's knee so he could see

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Falling for Fall

Kenna sings a little song from a tv show, "I feel like I'm falling for fall!" all the time. We are getting in the spirit's even been chilly a few days! I loaded these pics up backwards, so enjoy our cookie baking from end to beginning.

Cheesy grin, saying, what? who ate sprinkles?

Eating the sprinkles out of his hand

The finished product. I really don't know how edible they were after 3 little kids constantly touching them and licking their fingers...but they had fun!

Jack putting on his sprinkles

Works of art!

They were good helpers "and obeyers", as Brooksie says.

I'm pretty sure Brooks has a mouth full of dough here...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Soccer

Being goalies together. Brooks loved it. Kenna has a wicked sideways dive on top of the ball whenever it comes to her. I have no idea where she ever saw that, but it's pretty cute.

Kenna told me on the way home, "The problem is, Mom, that I can't run bery fast" I told her not to worry, she'd get faster the more she does it.

Great kick! His attitude was so much better this week, he tried really hard to get in the game, and had a few successes too!

The 'adobial' (adorable - to Kenna) little players

Happy Aquarium

Our friend came over on the weekend, and checked her facebook. She showed the kids her facebook app, Happy Aquarium. They loved it! They watched the fake fish swim for 10 minutes until I made them stop! So now Mommy has obliged them by getting her very own happy aquarium. They are in love!

Brooks, watching the fish swim around. It is really not that interesting, but they love it:-) I have no idea what was with the tongue.

And here is our aquarium, so far. It's only been two days, so we have to wait for more coins in our treasure chest so we can buy more fish. Introducing the newest members of our fishy family, Nemo, Chibbols, Otto, Bubbles, Radatad (hiding), and Smiley. What have I gotten us into? :-)


Brooks wakes up in the morning and asks if he can watch hockey now. He thinks whatever was happening when he went to bed is still going on at 7am. Here they are watching the Rangers right before bed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I had a midwifery appointment yesterday, which of course doesn't consist of much at this stage...Questions? Nope. It's the week for genetic testing. No thanks. Did you sign all the hospital forms. Yup. So nothing left to do but check my blood pressure and listen to the baby's heart. Brooks is always quite concerned about "odd" things happening to him or others. I suppose a blood pressure cuff counts. As soon as she put it on my arm, his little eyes were immediately concerned. Then she puffed it up and her squeeze ball thing was really squeeky. I told him it was fine, we are just listening to mommy's heart. "But's it squeeky" he says, and then "Can I hug you Mommy?" He came over and hugged my other arm. Then we listened to the baby's heart, again, major cause for concern with the loud weird noise. He hugged my arm again, looking so worried, but was so excited afterwards and says "Da baby says woosh woosh woosh!" Too cute.

They were very happy to see their footprints on the wall. That wall is totally full now, but I noticed a small sticky note stuck to the wall under Kenna's feet saying "Hold for Baby Bolger". It better be a small baby, cause there is not much room there at all!! It's neat to see the whole place decorated with the footprints (so cute), and we compared sizes of feet to see how small our baby will be. My next appointment is an ultrasound in November...the one where they would be able to determine the gender, if we wanted that (we don't). But I like it for the other reasons (checking on a healthy heart etc), so we're looking forward to that.

First Game

Last Saturday was our Penguins first game! They are just hilarious to watch. Kenna got a chance to kick the ball a few times, when it randomly or accidentally landed right in front of her foot. She actually kicked it forward about 20 feet and scored too! Very exciting.

Brooks on the other hand had a bit of an attitude problem. It seems in his little mind, soccer involves him, having his own ball, and kicking it as he pleases with no competition. Just like at home or in practice. He got a rude awakening when he realized he wasn't "getting a chance" with the hoardes of other kids after the ball. He threw a small fit at one point after "missing his chance", and sat on the sidelines pretty much the rest of the game, complaining about his lack of chances. He was less than thrilled when sister scored and he didn't get to. Brian and I both explained that you don't have any chances when you don't try, you have to get out there, chase the ball, and try. He's quite young (short) compared to other kids, as it's the 3 & 4 year old age group, so some of these kids are four and a half, and much bigger than he is. I told him to just get in with the kids, and push through to the ball. Poor choice of Mommy words, as he tells us later, "I will just PUSH the kids!" Hopefully next week goes better with him at least trying to get in the mix and get the ball once or twice.

As fast as it looks like she's running, is as fast as she was actually running...s-l-o-w:-) It was a SUPER hot day, and dressed in all black didn't help. We got Frosty's from Wendy's to celebrate our first goal afterwards!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Toffee Crunch

Sounds like a recipe, doesn't it? Or a yummy topping for a frappucino:-) It's the new paint colour selected for the kitchen and hallway. I finished the kitchen awhile back, but yesterday I finished the hallway. As a got painting I wondered if I ever had taken a picture of the hallway before. It's such a little tiny area, but here's the last of it before it gets all covered up.

Finished! Here's the wall seen from the livingroom, with our little Linus and Lucy hanging up. The Linus & Lucy song was the recessional at our wedding, and Brian's sister Ann had these drawn for us. We love them.

The cool "picture frame" my mom gave me (a Creative Memories product), it's on the wall when you come out of the bathroom, and that's the only wall space there is! I painted it all by hand, no roller:-)

Here's the look on the more blue.

Fall Clothing

Today it was chilly in the morning. So we got ready and wore some fall clothes. By the time we were done our errands it was so hot, we had to change into tee shirts, thankfully I had some in the tote bag (big kid diaper bag). And now it's super hot. But I guess this is the sign that cooler weather is headed our way. Anyway, I had to get a picture to document this first change of the seasons.

Making sure Brother is smiling

I love these little faces! * Can you see why I get asked if they are twins every time we go out?