Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I had a midwifery appointment yesterday, which of course doesn't consist of much at this stage...Questions? Nope. It's the week for genetic testing. No thanks. Did you sign all the hospital forms. Yup. So nothing left to do but check my blood pressure and listen to the baby's heart. Brooks is always quite concerned about "odd" things happening to him or others. I suppose a blood pressure cuff counts. As soon as she put it on my arm, his little eyes were immediately concerned. Then she puffed it up and her squeeze ball thing was really squeeky. I told him it was fine, we are just listening to mommy's heart. "But's it squeeky" he says, and then "Can I hug you Mommy?" He came over and hugged my other arm. Then we listened to the baby's heart, again, major cause for concern with the loud weird noise. He hugged my arm again, looking so worried, but was so excited afterwards and says "Da baby says woosh woosh woosh!" Too cute.

They were very happy to see their footprints on the wall. That wall is totally full now, but I noticed a small sticky note stuck to the wall under Kenna's feet saying "Hold for Baby Bolger". It better be a small baby, cause there is not much room there at all!! It's neat to see the whole place decorated with the footprints (so cute), and we compared sizes of feet to see how small our baby will be. My next appointment is an ultrasound in November...the one where they would be able to determine the gender, if we wanted that (we don't). But I like it for the other reasons (checking on a healthy heart etc), so we're looking forward to that.

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