Friday, July 30, 2010

Quotable Kids

I decided to make an album of all the kids quotes I post on this blog. Just because they make me smile :-) Truly priceless memories.

The ragamuffins behind the commentary
It's 9 x 4.5 inches, and really cute!
A Collection of Life's Colourful Commentary. I will just keep adding to it as time goes on.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Audio Issues

So sorry! I can't get the audio fixed on the videos, and they don't make much sense without it, so I am removing the posts. I have looked into everything, and can't find a solution, so I'll try again another day, assuming it's blogger with the issue, and not me or my phone (the bean bag video worked, I did it the same way), I have tried saving the files and uploading them, and not posting straight from my phone, but no luck. We have audio until we upload here. Sorry everyone, hopefully it will be fixed soon!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Site!

This site is so great! Brian and I were laughing ourselves silly at some of captions from "Gary" and "Elaine". If you've ever looked at a magazine and marveled at the beauty and impracticality of it's set up, this site it for you. Have a laugh!
Elaine was not amused by Gary’s passive-aggressive response to her request to “garnish the cocktails.”

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Love My Grandpa!

Cute Kid. Insatiable appetite. Sweet potatoes. Cute bib.
I love his little scowl.

First Album

I got a coupon via facebook for a free photo album from Shutterfly, so I made an album of Grey-Grey's first two months or so. Here are a few page examples!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kenna's Quiz

This is a little quiz thing that is going around facebook, I thought I would ask Kenna and Brooks to see what they would say. Brooks had a few good answers, but too many I don't knows, so we'll wait until he's a little older.

Please, by no means take these answers as accurate. Believe you me, I have plenty of places I'd rather go than Sonic, and I'm a tad younger than 52. According to this survey you might be lead to believe I boss around little slaves who keep my house clean...huh. I wish!

These are exact quotes

1. What is something mom always says to you?
You need to do a job, and you need to clean up the toys, and do chores, and clean up the table

2. What makes mom happy?
Cleaning up

3. What makes mom sad?
Not cleaning up

4. How does your mom make you laugh?
Be silly!

5. What was your mom like as a child?
You used to play and make funny things, and you used to try and go outside and play

6. How old is your mom?

7. How tall is your mom?
(Arms stretched out wide)

8. What is her favorite thing to do?
Clean up and do chores

9. What does your mom do when you're not around?
Go to sleep

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

11. What is your mom really good at?
Good at playing games

12. What is your mom not very good at?
Picking leaves (= raking)

13. What does your mom do for her job?
Your job is for watching Jack and cleaning up

14. What is your mom's favorite food?
Baby food, bis-getti, bread

15. What makes you proud of your mom?
Cleaning up!

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be
Dora's mama

17. What do you and your mom do together?
Go and get smoothies

18. How are you and your mom the same?
We have long hair

19. How are you and your mom different?
Our eyes are different, and our noses, little nose and big.

20. How do you know your mom loves you?
Because I’m so special and I clean up

21. What does your mom like most about your dad?
He gets us the best games

22. Where is your mom's favorite place to go?

Getting Out!

It's been a brutally hot summer. This week has been especially bad. Yesterday was 105 degrees, but felt like 120. Right now it's 96 degrees, feels like 106 with all the humidity factors included, and the high today is 103, so it's up there again. Talk about killer!! I haven't really noticed much, though...because I got sick! On Thursday night I got a fever, felt a little better Friday, and woke up Sat morning with a sore throat and sore neck. I have strep! I haven't been sick (requiring a prescrip.), since I was about 22 I think, and got and ear infection. That was a loooong time ago! Needless to say I am not really used to being out of commission or feeling lousy for long periods of time. Praise the Lord for my miraculously quick labours and recoveries, or who knows what would happen around here.

As it happened, I spent most of Thursday and Friday lounging/napping/out of it. My delightful children were basically left to their own devices and pretty much maxed out DVD's and TV. They also took it upon themselves to serve up snacks whenever they felt the need I suppose (and eat them where ever they pleased), so the house was littered with Capri Suns (10 of them, an entire box!), and granola bar wrappers (18 of them, an entire box!). Yikes. Plus toys, crayons, paper, multiple changes of clothes. What is the saying...? When the cat's away the mice will play? That seemed to be the case! Thanks to my early morning appointment, and my drugs, I was feeling much better on Saturday. Dishes, laundry, de-germing and a nap. And thanks to my kids consuming ungodly amounts of granola...we have some diarrhea to contend with now:-/

Since I am not in the danger-free zone yet, with passing on the bacteria, the kids and I stayed back from church and Brian went with Lauren. We decided to make a quick trip out to pick up some emergency items (milk & diapers!). The kids were absolutely giddy to get out of the house! Hopefully we didn't pass anything on at Walmart or Costco, I avoided all personal contact with people, I promise. I was only asked twice this time (once at each store) if I they were twins. I should start counting the times I haven't been asked that question...but actually, I can't really recall a time. We're in the 'chatty South', and especially when standing in just must be an easy conversation starter or something. I need to them shirts "We're not Twins".

Funny story...I don't think I wrote about it, but I have told it, so maybe that's why I think I did...if this is a repeat...blame my fever...

A few weeks ago (maybe a month), someone asked that famous question in front of the deli meats section (while I was busy hunting for the product/prices) "Are they twins?" "Nope, they aren't". Of course, you can't just leave it at that. You should see the look people give me. Its in between, 'you must be crazy' and 'begging for an explanation'..."They are just really close in age, and he's big, and she's small" The gentleman said something like ooohh, well they are cute, and continued on his way. I am still trying to decipher the prices to the meats (why is that so hard?) and Kenna is tapping at my thigh incessantly. "What?" as I turned around her little eyes are full of tears "Why would you say that Brooksie is big and I am small? I am this many (4 fingers), and Brooksie is this many (3 fingers). I am bigger than him!" Uh oh! I was able to brush that one off (this time) by saying that boys are taller than girls, so it's ok. Brooksie will always be younger, but maybe bigger. I have changed my standard answer something like "They are close in age, and he's tall for his age" and not commenting on her at all. So far that has been fine.

Look what I found on the selves at Walmart? Kroger brand jello. These stores are not at all affiliated, so I really do wonder HOW this happened? There were about 20 boxes of the jello. Too funny. I should have tried to buy one, just to see what they'd say.

Even though all the stores we shop at for groceries (Walmart, Costco, Food Lion & Kroger) are 2 miles or less from our home, in this heat, you have to have a cooler in the car to keep things, especially if making multiple stops. This heat will melt a bucket of ice cream in less than 10 minutes. Today I had the thought...I might end up with hard boiled eggs if I don't put them in there! We got some more frozen fruit for beats the heat, and feels great on my sore throat!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This week was VBS at our church. They just do a 3 day VBS (Tues, Wed morning & night, and Thurs). It's for ages 5 & up, but 4 year old can attend if the Mom is helping out! So that made lots of fun for Kenna, but Brooks was a little left out. They nursery for the other younger children, but he was far and away the oldest one in there, and didn't really like being in with the babies. He knew he was being gipped! My particular "job" was to be the banker/verse checker...and I let Brooks come around with me and hand out the tickets to the children after they said a verse. We called him the Ticket Master. He loved getting to be in the mix a little bit.

Monday night through Wednesday morning we also had some good friends come through town (3 kids!), so that added some fun to the week also!

Wednesday afternoon Kenna actually slept for her nap, she was exhausted. She woke up complaining of a sore neck and had a fever. It was already 4pm, and the Dr's didn't have any appointments before 5, so it was off to their after hours clinic to check it out. While waiting her mood improved and such looked much better, I was hoping I wasn't being a paranoid mom, but she insisted that her neck (not throat) still hurt. Sure enough, she has strep throat. She was incredibly disappointed by having to miss VBS on Wed night, but realizing she would also miss Thursday had her big eyes filling with tears that quietly spilled out. The doctor felt really bad for her and gave her lots of Silly Bands and lollipops, haha.

The plan for Wed night at VBS was for me to get pics of Kenna, her leader, her class, my costume, etc etc, since we didn't go, I have only a few pics of this year.

I woke up this morning all congested, so I am eating garlic, honey & cinnamon, and tea like crazy. I don't want to get strep :-/ This is Kenna's first sickness that is not an ear infection (she's had 5 of those). Brooks has still never been sick! Yay for healthy kids!

In the "Big Group" time, Kenna was selected to be the dice roller in the human Candyland game

Spending a ticket or two at the Candy Store. - pic "stolen" from facebook

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Triplets

Here they all are, each at 4 months old.

Kenna - she's the skinny version of Grey
He still looks like Kenna & Grey, but Brooks is a little different...more of Mommy's genes!
He's the most recent version :-)

When You're This Big...

..they call you Mister! We had some old friends visit us on their way through town. They have a little girl, just 3-almost-4 weeks older than Grey. She's about 6 lbs lighter though! Here's some diaper shots to compare!

It's Lleyton Grey and Ruby Jane!

The skinny legs, and the fat ones

He got hold of her hand and wouldn't let go!

Doesn't he look cheerful? :-(

Lleyton is 4 months

He's 4 months old today! Hard to believe it's only been four months. We are so used to him, it seems like a year already. What a heart-stealer just take one look at him and you're head-over-heals!!
This kid is so cute, we just can't get enough kisses!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finger Food

I don't like olives...but the kids love them! They call them "finger olives" and pretend they are bears.


Movie Night

Girls movie night at Lauren's while Brian catches up on his P90X...girls and Grey, that is. He has almost outgrown that car seat. If he's not buckled he quite proudly throws himself out onto the floor.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Swimming at Noni's house! A pic from my phone:-)

Bean Bag Boy - Video

This is Brooks, playing cornhole on our way home from swimming at Lauren's. I love the self-congratulatory claps. He does this with every sport, to show himself he did a good job:-)

Better Mints - Video

This is Kenna singing a song while swimming at Lauren's. Can you tell which one? It's Kenna's version of Glee's cast rendition of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance (got that?:-). To Kenna, it's Better Mints, lol.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Serious Situation

With kids, you experience a lot of firsts...some delightful (a new tooth), some gross (first flu), and some fun (a new word), and some dangerous...

I have never really been one to childproof my house. I don't have anything truly valuable or irreplaceable, so, perhaps I am not the best example. But I do have glass things and "fancy" things, and the kids know well not to bother with them. I don't go to great lengths to lock up the cleaning supplies, but I do keep them on a shelf out of reach, so the kids really don't have very much exposure to hazardous items, but they do know that certain things are poisonous and could kill you. In theory.

So Monday was a first. We visited Lauren's home with friends for dessert and games. We were playing Farkle (Mennonite Gambling) in the kitchen, while the kids quietly watched a movie in the livingroom. Kenna came to me, "Mom, I have a serious situation" Oh yah? What's that? "Um, well, Brooksie ate something" My mom brain was working, and I knew that they didn't have any food in there, so I got up right away...What? What did he eat? "That thing" she pointed.

There was a container of Damp Rid, that was semi-hidden, semi exposed under the edge of the couch. He ate that? Brooks, you ate that? "ummmm, yaaaahh" Kenna chimed in, "He ate it, but then he spit it out". Show me, show me where you spit it out. They showed us a little wet spot...ooookkk. So Brian and Lauren were reading the packaging and I was trying to figure out how much he took in. Was it just on your tongue or in your tummy? "In my teeth and my tummy" Show me how much you ate. He pinched quite a bit and said that much, but I think that was exaggerated, based on the fingerprints left in the Damp Rid.

The packaging was very encouraging. Instead of saying do not induce vomiting and flush with water or something, it said if ingested seek immediate medical attention. Grrrreat. He really looked completely fine, aside from the very guilty expression. However, I have little to no experience with people eating poison. Perhaps one does look completely fine, until the moment they drop dead. I have no clue.

A call to Poison Control from Brian set us straight. He didn't eat much, and it's a mild irritant, he'll be fine. So much for the drastic caution on the packaging.

Brooks was sufficiently freaked out, once he realized he'd eaten poison, because he knew that poison could kill you. He said he was sorry and we had a conversation about not eating ANYTHING unless we ask Mommy first. When I tucked him into bed, he said "I'm sorry for eating poisonous". I told him I was so glad we didn't have to take him to the hospital. And we praised Kenna for the 'serious situation' alert.

So our first call to Poison Control, and thankfully it wasn't a serious one. Lets hope that's the last time!

Monday, July 12, 2010


This little guy is actually so NOT little! He has a veracious appetite, and it's been getting worse recently (another growth spurt perhaps, yikes!). He has quite the "runway weight" to maintain! I've been trying to get him to take a bottle, with zero luck. He won't even take it with Jello water or Pedialyte in it. The purpose of the bottle initially was for upcoming VBS. It will be much easier for me if he'll take one. So far he's not having it. But I would also like to add some rice cereal to the bottle, so he'll get a little more sustenance and go longer between feeds (especially for that last night time one!). Today I decided to just see if he still had that 'gag' reflex or if he could take rice cereal by mouth with a spoon. He devoured it. Wow. No learning curve there at all. Crazy boy! So with one round this morning, we'll try another at dinner. It just sounds crazy to me to be actually feeding a 3 month old, but what else can you do?

The after shot. Very little mess. He ate every last drop!

Tatum's Dress

With some double knots on the shoulders, Kenna is finally big enough to wear a dress passed down from my cousin, Tatum (Kenna's 1st cousin, once removed). She is in love with it, it's "so pretty"!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 years!

This summer marks a silly sort of anniversary. A 10 year anniversary no was sometime in the summer of 2000 that I purchased 2 toe rings. One of them has literally never left my toe in 10 years!! The second one lasted 7 years. I wore it right beside this one, and when I was pregnant with Brooks, sometime in the winter, when wearing socks and shoes it was pinching me weird (from having swollen feet I'm sure). So I took it off...after I had the baby and lost weight, I couldn't find it. I thought I put it in my jewelry holder on my dresser, but it was gone.

So this toe ring is awesome! Here's to buying quality jewelry! The only thing that has come close to being worn as often is a necklace I got from my brother Brent on my 21st birthday. It's my standard necklace, but it does get removed for other necklaces sometimes. My wedding rings get removed on a daily basis when cooking or cleaning, so they can't count either...

Without further ado. Here it is. I wonder how many more years will go by before I replace it. It's so much a part of my foot now, I think I'd really miss it! It's sort of gross to post a pic of your foot. But I can't remove the toe ring at this point, or I'd break the streak! So just look at the ring, not my ugly foot:-)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kenna's Life

"This is Greyson on the Jumperoo"
"oh, that's the jumperoo again"
"That you, and your pretty necklace"
"That's baby Greyson in his carseat"

This is me showing her how to take a picture standing still, for much better results:-)

"That's the baby again, at Jack Jack's house"

"I don't know what that is. It's something." Laughing out loud!...she can't tell what this picture is, yet it seems just as clear to me as the others:-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Delicious Dessert

Brooks: Kenna, I am so proud of Mom for making us a delicious dessert!

This is what he was talking about, quite a display of my baking abilities eh? I can scoop out Cool Whip like nobody's business:-)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Short Story

The Ambulance In The Valley by Joseph Malins

’Twas a dangerous cliff, as they freely confessed, Though to walk near its crest was so pleasant, But over its terrible edge there had slipped A duke, and full many a peasant.

The people said something would have to be done, But their projects did not at all tally. Some said "Put a fence ‘round the edge of the cliff," Some, "An ambulance down in the valley."

The lament of the crowd was profound and was loud, As their tears overflowed with their pity; But the cry for the ambulance carried the day, As it spread through the neighbouring city.

A collection was made, to accumulate aid, and the dwellers in highway and alley Gave dollars or cents - not to furnish a fence - But an ambulance down in the valley.

"For the cliff is all right if you’re careful," they said; "And, if folks ever slip and are dropping. It isn’t the slipping that hurts them so much As the shock down below - when they’re stopping."

So for years (we have heard), as these mishaps occurred Quick forth would the rescuers sally, To pick up the victims who fell from the cliff, With the ambulance down in the valley.

Said one, to his pleas, "It’s a marvel to me That you’d give so much greater attention To repairing results than to curing the cause; You had much better aim at prevention.

For the mischief, of course, should be stopped at its source; Come, neighbours and friends, let us rally, It is far better sense to rely on a fence Than an ambulance down in the valley."

"He is wrong in his head," the majority said; "He would end all our earnest endeavour. He’s a man who would shirk this responsible work, But we will support it forever.

Aren’t we picking up all, just as fast as they fall, And giving them care liberally? A superfluous fence is of no consequence, If the ambulance works in the valley."

The story looks queer as we’ve written it here, But things oft occur that are stranger.

More humane, we assert, than to succour the hurt Is the plan of removing the danger. The best possible course is to safeguard the source By attending to things rationally.

Yes, build up the fence and let us dispense With the ambulance down in the valley.


Nothing like an early morning serenade with an old hymnal and a tennis racket guitar! I believe at this particular moment they were singing "In Color" by Jamey Johnson

He loves his crazy big kids!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chubby Darby

People who haven't known me forever have a hard time believing I was at least as fat as Grey when I was little. Here's some proof!

Me, at only 7 weeks old!
Me again, at 18 months old. Kenna and Brooks were pretty chubby themselves (Kenna the least), but they thinned out by 18 months. Grey is definitely the fattest so far, we'll see what he does as he ages! Nothing cuter and more kissable than baby fat!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fresh Salsa - Recipe

A few months ago, we were visiting a friend, and she starting making fresh salsa...she stole the recipe from her niece. It's so awesome, I am making constantly. We can't get enough! It's not really a 'recipe' but just ingredients that you mix together to suit your tastes. Enjoy. I promise you can't make enough!

Whir all ingredients in a food processor until chopped finely. I do each ingredient separately and then stir together to make sure I have the balance right.

red onion
jalapeno pepper (or other hot pepper, start with a small amount)
juice from a lemon
juice from a lime
crushed garlic

4th of July

Some highlights from our Independence Day weekend...Saturday morning we went to a matinee at the "movie fee-dee-or" to see Toy Story 3. This was Grey's first movie theater experience, and Brooks' second. Everyone loved it! Then we went to a BBQ for the evening at a friends house. Lots of fun, and very tired kids!

Sunday evening, after church and attempted naps (Brian shared his sushi wasabi with the kids - SPICY. He then allowed them to wash it down with his Pepsi...caffeine enough to keep them up from sleeping:-/), we went to a 4th of July party we had an invite to. Last year we went downtown, and that was fun, but I didn't want to brave such huge crowds and all with the baby. So we went to Mt Trashmore to a private party and had tons of fun. The fireworks were much less impressive than the downtown ones, but it was nice not to brave the crowds and be able to relax a little more. Plus the party made up for it too!! There was popcorn, bouncy houses, snow cones and food! The kids had a blast!

Snow cone time! This was the first of 3 I believe...:-)

They also had face painting! It's a red, white and blue butterfly!!

And Spiderman. Gotta love him! Notice that haircut? He got buzzed this weekend too!

With our friends, Gracie & Libby

'Lil Lleyton's first 4th. He was a total angel the whole time!

My cuties. They loved their "America" shirts this year. They were singing "Ah-mer-i-ca" to the beginning tune of "Oh Canada". LOL! I told them to keep it down so other people wouldn't hear and probably think that was a huge disgrace. I tried to teach them the American anthem, but they don't get it "because it doesn't say America in it" :-)

Brian playing cornhole. Yes. Cornhole. If you are like us, having never heard of the game until we moved here, we hear the name and giggle. HAH! But cornhole is an actual game from the midwest apparently, and it has tournaments and everything. Brian made his own cornhole boards this year, and has had fun playing (and beating) everyone for a few months now. It's a 4 player game, so Brian and his friend Sam challenged others at the party, and they never lost once! They played all night long against everyone! They were joking that they should have charged $5 per game to play and they could win the pot if they won...They would have made some money!! Essentially, it's a bean bag tossing game, with points scored when it lands squarely on the board, or in the hole. Each partner tosses their beanbags back and forth from board to board to get points.
Getting glow-stick ready!

Him too!

He was asleep, but when the fireworks started, he woke up and watched the show too. This was during the fireworks display.
Here we all are, watching the show! Brooks was very brave this year. He wasn't afraid and only covered his ears during the finale.
So pretty!