Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Serious Situation

With kids, you experience a lot of firsts...some delightful (a new tooth), some gross (first flu), and some fun (a new word), and some dangerous...

I have never really been one to childproof my house. I don't have anything truly valuable or irreplaceable, so, perhaps I am not the best example. But I do have glass things and "fancy" things, and the kids know well not to bother with them. I don't go to great lengths to lock up the cleaning supplies, but I do keep them on a shelf out of reach, so the kids really don't have very much exposure to hazardous items, but they do know that certain things are poisonous and could kill you. In theory.

So Monday was a first. We visited Lauren's home with friends for dessert and games. We were playing Farkle (Mennonite Gambling) in the kitchen, while the kids quietly watched a movie in the livingroom. Kenna came to me, "Mom, I have a serious situation" Oh yah? What's that? "Um, well, Brooksie ate something" My mom brain was working, and I knew that they didn't have any food in there, so I got up right away...What? What did he eat? "That thing" she pointed.

There was a container of Damp Rid, that was semi-hidden, semi exposed under the edge of the couch. He ate that? Brooks, you ate that? "ummmm, yaaaahh" Kenna chimed in, "He ate it, but then he spit it out". Show me, show me where you spit it out. They showed us a little wet spot...ooookkk. So Brian and Lauren were reading the packaging and I was trying to figure out how much he took in. Was it just on your tongue or in your tummy? "In my teeth and my tummy" Show me how much you ate. He pinched quite a bit and said that much, but I think that was exaggerated, based on the fingerprints left in the Damp Rid.

The packaging was very encouraging. Instead of saying do not induce vomiting and flush with water or something, it said if ingested seek immediate medical attention. Grrrreat. He really looked completely fine, aside from the very guilty expression. However, I have little to no experience with people eating poison. Perhaps one does look completely fine, until the moment they drop dead. I have no clue.

A call to Poison Control from Brian set us straight. He didn't eat much, and it's a mild irritant, he'll be fine. So much for the drastic caution on the packaging.

Brooks was sufficiently freaked out, once he realized he'd eaten poison, because he knew that poison could kill you. He said he was sorry and we had a conversation about not eating ANYTHING unless we ask Mommy first. When I tucked him into bed, he said "I'm sorry for eating poisonous". I told him I was so glad we didn't have to take him to the hospital. And we praised Kenna for the 'serious situation' alert.

So our first call to Poison Control, and thankfully it wasn't a serious one. Lets hope that's the last time!

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