Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting Bigger

Our once little Lleyton Grey is now quite a substantial little boy! He is 3 months old now, and 18 lbs!! He's chubby, fat, and solid all rolled into one cute lil' package:-) He wears 6 month clothing (most 3-6 is too small, but 6-9 is too big. So he sits perfectly at the 6 month size). He loves baths, and showers now too. He needs them pretty often...his neck is so fat it gets sweaty and stinky in record time.

Chillin' after his bath. We all agree that Grey seems to have the best personality of the three of them, so far. Brooks was crabby and whiny, so he's right out of the equation. It's taken a lot parenting to "cure" that little boy of his natural tendency...he's not all there yet, but getting there :-) He is generally a very sweet boy. Just don't get him overtired! Kenna was sweet, but very opinionated, even from infancy. She would pitch a fit when things were not to her liking...that intense, bossy firstborn trait coming through. Grey is just an easygoing guy! He is very smiley and happy to be with us...very social. He loves his Daddy, he pretty much wakes up the minute he hears Brian's voice, even if he's really not ready to wake up.
In his size 6 month outfit! We love this little guy so much! Currently, I am trying to get him to take a bottle...with no luck! He is not having it!! I am helping out with VBS at our church this summer, and they have nursery for the little ones...and it would be very helpful if he would take a bottle. We'll keep trying, I have 2 weeks to get him to take it. So we'll see!!
Just look at those Baby Blues. It's our family 'trademark', gorgeous BLUE eyes! He's Brian's little clone.


  1. Oh my gosh, look at those rolls of fat (only time in a person's life you can safely say that, right?)!!!!! What a cutie!!!

  2. Wow he is HUGE!!! But oh so adorable!!! My nephew is 15 months and weighs only 18 lbs!