Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting Out!

It's been a brutally hot summer. This week has been especially bad. Yesterday was 105 degrees, but felt like 120. Right now it's 96 degrees, feels like 106 with all the humidity factors included, and the high today is 103, so it's up there again. Talk about killer!! I haven't really noticed much, though...because I got sick! On Thursday night I got a fever, felt a little better Friday, and woke up Sat morning with a sore throat and sore neck. I have strep! I haven't been sick (requiring a prescrip.), since I was about 22 I think, and got and ear infection. That was a loooong time ago! Needless to say I am not really used to being out of commission or feeling lousy for long periods of time. Praise the Lord for my miraculously quick labours and recoveries, or who knows what would happen around here.

As it happened, I spent most of Thursday and Friday lounging/napping/out of it. My delightful children were basically left to their own devices and pretty much maxed out DVD's and TV. They also took it upon themselves to serve up snacks whenever they felt the need I suppose (and eat them where ever they pleased), so the house was littered with Capri Suns (10 of them, an entire box!), and granola bar wrappers (18 of them, an entire box!). Yikes. Plus toys, crayons, paper, multiple changes of clothes. What is the saying...? When the cat's away the mice will play? That seemed to be the case! Thanks to my early morning appointment, and my drugs, I was feeling much better on Saturday. Dishes, laundry, de-germing and a nap. And thanks to my kids consuming ungodly amounts of granola...we have some diarrhea to contend with now:-/

Since I am not in the danger-free zone yet, with passing on the bacteria, the kids and I stayed back from church and Brian went with Lauren. We decided to make a quick trip out to pick up some emergency items (milk & diapers!). The kids were absolutely giddy to get out of the house! Hopefully we didn't pass anything on at Walmart or Costco, I avoided all personal contact with people, I promise. I was only asked twice this time (once at each store) if I they were twins. I should start counting the times I haven't been asked that question...but actually, I can't really recall a time. We're in the 'chatty South', and especially when standing in just must be an easy conversation starter or something. I need to them shirts "We're not Twins".

Funny story...I don't think I wrote about it, but I have told it, so maybe that's why I think I did...if this is a repeat...blame my fever...

A few weeks ago (maybe a month), someone asked that famous question in front of the deli meats section (while I was busy hunting for the product/prices) "Are they twins?" "Nope, they aren't". Of course, you can't just leave it at that. You should see the look people give me. Its in between, 'you must be crazy' and 'begging for an explanation'..."They are just really close in age, and he's big, and she's small" The gentleman said something like ooohh, well they are cute, and continued on his way. I am still trying to decipher the prices to the meats (why is that so hard?) and Kenna is tapping at my thigh incessantly. "What?" as I turned around her little eyes are full of tears "Why would you say that Brooksie is big and I am small? I am this many (4 fingers), and Brooksie is this many (3 fingers). I am bigger than him!" Uh oh! I was able to brush that one off (this time) by saying that boys are taller than girls, so it's ok. Brooksie will always be younger, but maybe bigger. I have changed my standard answer something like "They are close in age, and he's tall for his age" and not commenting on her at all. So far that has been fine.

Look what I found on the selves at Walmart? Kroger brand jello. These stores are not at all affiliated, so I really do wonder HOW this happened? There were about 20 boxes of the jello. Too funny. I should have tried to buy one, just to see what they'd say.

Even though all the stores we shop at for groceries (Walmart, Costco, Food Lion & Kroger) are 2 miles or less from our home, in this heat, you have to have a cooler in the car to keep things, especially if making multiple stops. This heat will melt a bucket of ice cream in less than 10 minutes. Today I had the thought...I might end up with hard boiled eggs if I don't put them in there! We got some more frozen fruit for beats the heat, and feels great on my sore throat!


  1. Wow, you SHOULD have tried to get one! That's weird!

    Can you not flyer match at the Walmarts down there? We can up here, and now the No Frills, which has been a life saver! Except of course for Costco, for which we save to go as a family outing :D

  2. Yes, you can match prices here however, they will not match b1g1's (Food Lions thing)and Kroger always runs deals like, buy 10 for $10 and get $5 cash back...they won't do that. So we have to hit them each up generally for their specific good deal. Costco is the cheapest place to get gas (weekly visit!) and to get milk, and they sell Einstein bagels, which are the only ones Brian prefers, so we hit it up weekly for those two non-bulk items. We stock up on bigger stuff too when we need it!