Friday, August 9, 2019

9 months old!

I've been keeping up with the monthlies on IG, but figured it was time for something on here. She's a sweet little thing - if she gets her way. If not, well, you'll know it. She's cute as a button, and definitely the favourite in the house, adored by all. She's a wonderful blend of each of them, in both looks and personality, so it's fun to be able to point out and observe the different traits, and have them notice them too, as "big kids". She still doesn't have much hair:-) Haha! Poor kid. We love her, and we're so grateful we get to keep her.

She loves it when we sing "Shaunie Vale" to the tune of Baby Shark...Shaunie Vale do do do do do do, I love you!


Chubby baby fingers are my favourite

She loves all her stuffties, especially her sloths. She's very expressive with them.
Oh, that face!!

Beach pics

The beach today was fun. We went in the 95 degree afternoon, so we couldn't bring the dog this time, but I don't think the kids minded. They found lots of hermit crabs, a dog welk (which is?! I don't even know), and fish! The baby is getting used to the water, and seems quite enthralled with both the taste of sand, and the saltiness of the water. Next summer she'll be coming up on two, and it'll be a whole 'nother scene:-) I'm enjoying the peaceful lack of mobility this go around, for sure. We sit and chat on the waters edge. And it's bliss.