Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Softball Season

Last night we went to Brian's softball game, it was a late game, and we didn't get home until almost midnight. The kids were perfect while we were there, but the constant crying today is making me think we should not have done that! Naps will be early and long! Anyway, this pic is not from last night, but from last season. I know I posted it in the past, but it's just too cool. Celebrate baseball:-) I wish I had brought my camera last night, this particular field is literally right beside a base, we have never played there before. Anyway, the fighter jets were practicing their touch and go's all night. At first, kind of cool, after 3 hrs, kind of annoying. It's like being at an air show, except you don't want to be at an air show! Of course it is thunderously LOUD (like it shakes your whole body), and Brooks was freaked out. Adorable little kid with his hands tightly over his ears all night. Jet noise...gotta love the sound of freedom. Let me tell you, if I heard that and knew it was coming to attack me...there is no scarier sound in the world. Yikes.

Nothing to do with anything, just a pic I found when looking for the baseball one. I really like it, so here it is again (I'm sure I posted it in the past, but I can't remember). It's Meghan, Brian & Lauren in New York.

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