Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally done

They finished up yesterday, around I have been going crazy getting it all put back together. I will be wiping up plaster dust for hides in the strangest of places!

Trying to get a shot of the kitchen ceiling, and the old doorway (now officially gone forever!)

Livingroom...3 of the lights aren't popping back up as easily as they came down...Brian has to tinker with them and figure out why!
Now all we need is some paint. Maybe later in the summer/year...I don't have time for it right now! So much going on...even though the thought of painting it all while it's all messy anyway is appealing, it would just take me too long at this point, and with 4 toddlers running around, I really can't handle it. It's so livable and tidy-looking can just imagine the paint, it's called Sandstone (walls), and Swiss Mocha (it's white - ceiling). It'll get done eventually!

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