Monday, May 25, 2009

Does it ever end?

We decided this year to spend our income tax return on fixing the plaster in our house, that was damaged by putting in recessed lighting and taking down the wall, last summer. So this week the plaster experts are coming in to get it all looking nice and new for us! Brian can't do plaster, it's a pretty specific skill to learn, and he can't do it smoothly (or quickly!), so we have to hire this one out. So before they come we have been taking down the old plasterboard and putting in insulation (to help with noise for our upstairs rental), and also running electrical to the kitchen for more recessed lighting in there (6 more lights...the livingroom has 10)

As we drilled some of the holes in the kitchen ceiling, the paint just started to peel off. It seems the former owners covered oil paint with latex. So we had to peel all the paint off the ceiling. We were glad to discover this before 50 pounds of plaster pulled it all down!
Can't wait to get it all done, but then I have so much to clean!!

Old doorway to our bedroom (former den) will be covered over, once and for all!

Notice his hair is short? He did that a few weeks ago. It hasn't been this short in ages.

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