Monday, March 16, 2009


WallE is a cute movie. We have already seen it 3 times since Sunday morning. Because there isn't much talking from WallE or Eve, it's been fun to teach Kenna some new 'feeling' words. She is always saying "Mom! Look, look, what's he doing?" Since you can see our tv from practically everywhere in the house it's easy to glance over and see what's up. So I tell her WallE is anxious (when Eve tears up his video tape) and being mischievous (when he puts dirt on the cleaning robot), and so on. Can't wait until she starts using some of those in conversation! I suppose it's actually a cute little learning tool...and much more educational than serving Mr Noodles/Ramen noodles for lunch and telling her it's like Po's noodles on Kung Fu Panda, LOL:-)

Watching WallE and eating cheese after Sunday naps.

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