Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family Vacation Part 2

Some more random and fun. We packed a lot into seven days, that's for sure!

Brian took Lehman shooting

Shooting Brian's glock .45, he did extremely well! He saved his targets to show his brothers back home. He's the first boy in the family to shoot a handgun, I believe.

Lehman sure did love that ocean!

A Sonic treat for all

Lehman - unbelief. They were some BIG drinks!

Sunkissed face

Look at how dark Janessa has gotten in just a few days in the sun. They are all so brown! Not me though, I'm still white as a ghost:-D

Jillaine, Kenna and Me

I'm in the foreground with Brian and Lehman (little lesson going on) in the background.

Brooks overcame his fear of the water by our second day out. Then he was loving it!

Kenna, trying to have fun in the water and Mommy, trying to keep her from drowning. That girl has NO fear of water whatsoever!

Gotta love Brooks' expression:-)

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