Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Letter 2009

Dear Friends & Family,

Merry Christmas! It’s time once again for the Bolger family yearly update, I hope you enjoy hearing a little news about what’s been happening in our world! Again, God has proven Himself so real and so powerful this year. We have been blessed beyond measure with all we’ve been given, and are so grateful for our wonderful families and friends.

Brian: It’s been a busy year for Brian. He started it off it January with about 30 stitches in his forehead/eyebrow (Youth event mishap). From there it’s only gotten better:-) He continues to love his job with the Woodard Group (commercial construction company), as a superintendent, and this Dec/Jan has been promoted to Assistant Project Manager. This keeps him very busy! The new title brings more responsibility and “office work”, but he is really enjoying the challenge. He has also had side work, which is wonderful, but again, keeps him hopping on the weekends. He is no longer the Youth Pastor at our church, which he had been doing on a part time basis for 2 years. This summer they were looking to fill the position with a full time person, which he/we were just not able to do. It was very sad to see that go (in Aug), he loved it & the kids so much. Brian discovered CrossFit training this year, and loves doing that. When I take over the house with ladies and crafts, he busies himself with working out or shooting. He has been steadily working on our own household projects too, and everything is coming along nicely. I am the one lagging behind now, as I need to get painting trim! His project for the winter is to re-side the dormers on our house. There is never a lack for work to be done, that is for sure.

Darla: I have been having a blast this year as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. Rubber stamps and paper crafts take over the house on a regular basis, much to Brian’s dismay:-) I truly love the creative outlet it gives me, and really enjoy the fellowship I get out of it too, having classes for ladies to come and participate in. I have also been busy not only with our two little munchkins, but earlier in the year I watched two little girls, and currently we watch a little boy every day. As if that weren’t enough, I do the payroll and accounts payable for a construction company from my home (I used to work for them a few years ago in the office). Again, I enjoy that too, as it gives me a chance to exercise my brain a little bit. And sometimes I even do the laundry, haha! A major highlight this year was having almost half of my family visit VA for a week, and two of my sisters (Janessa & Jillaine) stay with us for 2 months! I had so much fun, and the kids loved every second too. We are looking forward to traveling to Alberta for a white Christmas this year with my family.

Kenna: What a doll. This girl has such a sweet heart. And a sweet tooth too! She has a knack for collecting candy every Sunday. She knows which people will dole it out, so she makes her rounds, collecting two of everything (“one for my Brooksie”). Kenna is 3 years old now, and she loves to do school, and loves to teach school as well. She’s generally very obedient and responsive…and quite the talker! Some of the things she comes up with are just hilarious. She has a very expansive vocabulary, and you really never know what might come out of her mouth. I am convinced she thinks she is also another Mom in the house. She confers with me over breakfast, “So, Mom, what’s the plan today?” and then sets out to implement it. She’s a great helper. She has a flare for clothes and shoes, but hates having her hair done. She is quite the little bargain/sale shopper. Basically anything she sees and likes “oh look, and it’s on sale!!” even though it’s not :-) She was thrilled to have 2 cousins born this year, and now simply cannot wait for her very own baby to “finish growing”. She is loving Cubbies, and school time each day working on her letters, numbers and writing skills…and she’s a lefty! Kenna & Brooks are both singers! They love music and sing constantly, and do remarkably well at holding a tune. We can’t wait to see what develops in them as they get older. It’s so fun to see the personalities emerge from babies to big kids!

Brooks: The only thing to be said about Brooks is that he is SPORTS. OBSESSED. That says it all. He talks about soccer, baseball, hockey, volleyball and football nonstop. He is also very into trains, motorcycles, and wrestling. He is a boy through and through. He has a big interest in reading, letters, numbers, shapes…anything school related. He loves to give his sister a hard time by purposely saying the wrong shape etc when doing flashcards. That is such a Brian thing to do, he’s definitely his fathers son! He seems like he will be a very academic little guy. He got to play soccer on a team this fall with his sister (he’s technically too young), but he did just fine in keeping up with the 3 & 4 year olds. He’s big for his age, and talks exceptionally well, so he fits right in with the older kids. He outweighs his sister now, and almost matches her height. It won’t be long before our little boy is bigger than big sister! He brings a smile to all he meets, with his cute little chubby cheeks.

Baby: Baby is due March 23rd, and I’m hoping not a day later! Again, we didn’t find out the gender, so he or she will be a surprise! The ultrasound revealed a cute little face that looks just like Brooks, so we are tending to think “boy”, because of that connection. Kenna is dying to “have a baby, and a puppy, and a cat”. I have promised to made good on only one of those:-) The baby seems to be quite like the other two so far, just “normal” baby, not too hyperactive nor too lazy. The ultrasound revealed a “big” baby, so I am curious to see how that plays out! We can’t wait to meet the little one in a few months!

Keeping in Touch: Thanks for keeping up with us by checking out my blog, I have fun keeping pictures and stories posted for your viewing pleasure:-) And please stay tuned for the news of our little one due in March! We are also on facebook, please friend us! We love you all!

Brian, Darla, Kenna, Brooks & Baby

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