Monday, December 7, 2009

All about Brooks

Here are some fun facts about our little boy at age 2

Brooks is very competitive and tough, yet at the same time cautious and snuggly. Trying new things (like climbing a big ladder or a curly slide at the park) make him very nervous, and he hates floors that you can "see-through" (solid mesh stuff, like at a park). He does not like jumping from thing to thing (coffee table to couch) like his sister does, it usually takes him forever to get his courage up to try it one time. He shrugs off his nerves by staying on solid ground with mom, and using the excuse "I unger" (younger) or "I just not ode enough" (old). He loves to punch and wrestle, and loves any and all sports. He throws a ball really well, and wants to "Catch it to me" with Mommy or Daddy constantly. He likes to do pre-k school with Kenna, and keeps up surprisingly well. He needs a nap everyday to maintain his mood...he gets whiny very quickly. He has an exceptional vocabulary for his age, and loves making crafts and drawing.

Here are some things he says about himself, they are direct quotes

"What is your favourite...?"

Colour: Purple (No, your favourite colour for boys) umm, Fomas de frain, boys wike dat. (Thomas the train, boys like that...his favourite colours are blue and red, on most days)

Movie: Spoy-ts (Sports)

Song: Marry me Duliette you neva hafta be alone (Juliette; = Love Story by Taylor Swift)

Thing to do in school: School spoy-ts (sports)

Animal: dee-bra (zebra)

Food: see-getti's (spaghetti)

Drink: water, we we can own-wee (only) have water

What kind of birthday cake do you want: Fomas de frain (Thomas the train)

Best Friend: Jack-Jack

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