Monday, December 7, 2009

Livingroom makeover

Saturday Brian went to estimate a new job, and came home with five gallons of paint for our livingroom, in our chosen colour, Behr's Baked Scone. We were in the midst of Christmas decorating, and my crafting up a storm for the Adoption Craft Sale next wasn't necessarily perfect timing for inpromtu painting of the main part of our house, but when is timing ever perfect? :-) We have been planning to paint since the summer, and just waiting on the money and the time...and now it's here! So since the plan is underway, here it is.

Our walls in the livingroom and kitchen, previously Pumpkin Butter (and white in the kitchen), will now be a light beige colour, Baked Scone. All the trim, previously a dark brown, will be Swiss Mocha (a shade of pure white). And that's it! The kitchen cabinets and the hallway are painted a creamy cafe au lait colour, called Toffee Crunch, and so were going really neutral compared to before! - and all the colours I chose sound so yummy too:-)

Since we had to move all the furniture to paint, we decided to put it all back in different places...for the first time in almost 5 years! DISCLAIMER. Excuse the mess, I am posting pics right away, but we haven't had a chance to get all set back up yet. It will be better by tomorrow. It's actually already much better since I took these:-)

Here is the entrance area. This foyer table used to be beside the front door. This mirror I got for Christmas a few years ago, and it's never been hung until now. The organ and a smaller mirror used to be on this wall. - you can see the paint, some carpet squares (going up in the apartment). The bookshelf in our bedroom doorway has since been moved to the wall with the tv.

The other new purchase, blinds! These are teak blinds, and I love them! The middle one had to be ordered specially, due to it's unique size, it should be here on Thursday! Can't wait. Still need to find some curtains or something also to hang...I have been on the lookout for a few months, but nothing has grabbed me yet (that I can afford anyway:-) Trim has only been primed, not painted yet.

Ladder bookshelf used to be where the organ is currently, now it's on the kitchen side of the wall around the corner from the couches. Decor a little smooshy, so we could fit our Willow Tree Nativity all on one shelf! The kids love it! The kitchen is still white, so we need to do that, and also the wall with the tv on it is not done. It's not a large wall, but it's the most complicated due to the tv and all the wires. Brian would like to install data plates (? or something) and bury the wires from the receiver & cable to the tv behind the wall. We (I) didn't want to do that tonight, so maybe tomorrow. I need just a little time to reassemble myself:-)

All done!

This is where the ladder bookshelf & wrought iron bookshelf used to be, we moved the organ here, and pushed the couch further back, making the livingroom a little larger, and the "wasted" foyer space a little smaller, so that is nice. (Still enough room for a pack and play for baby in a few months!)

It looks great here, aside from the mess. The shoe box is full of things I have made for the craft sale!

Covering the old colour, it's a lot lighter!

First coat done, still needing to prime the trim

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