Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sushi Remembered

We had a very sad day this past week. Sushi (our beta fish) died. I noticed that he was likely dead, but being scared to death of such things, didn't inspect too closely. Later in the day, he was still there...head buried under the rocks like he usually does, but just in a different way than normal, since he hadn't moved, I made Brian check it out. I did not call the kids attention to it, as I wasn't really sure what to do about it. When they were in bed Brian flushed the poor fish (thought that might be a little traumatizing to introduce the kids to the "flushing" part...I would never hear the end of that conversation!). I think he might have gotten stuck while he slept under the rocks, which was his usual habit. Anyway, he was not floating, he was in his sleeping position, so that is why I think he may have gotten stuck and unable to get out? Anyway, we cleaned his vase and put fresh water in it to keep the plant alive, we just left it alone, and didn't say anything to the kids. We decided not to get another fish until we return from Christmas vacation in Canada, so we don't have to have someone babysit him while we are gone.

The next morning Kenna sees the empty vase and asks "Where's Sushi?" I said, "He's dead..." and immediately her little eyes fill up with tears and she says "but he was my special birthday fish" Just as I cut her off and said, "But we are getting another one! You can pick him out and we can call him Sushi and he will just the same". She smiled and got excited at that prospect.

A few times over the past few days she has mentioned how much she misses her fish and how much she can't wait to pick out a new one. Never has a boring fish been so loved!

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