Monday, December 7, 2009

All about Kenna

Here are some fun facts about our big girl at age 3.

Kenna is a very tough, daring and athletic little girl. She loves to talk about everything, constantly. She loves doing pre-k school work, and is left handed. She is very tender-hearted and thoughtful towards others. She has a memory like an elephant...she never forgets! She loves cute babies, playdates, soft things (blankets & stuffed animals) and hot chocolate!

Here are some things she says about herself, they are direct quotes

"What is your favourite...?"

Colour: Pink

Game: Cards

Movie: Monsters Inc. A-corporated

Song: Sweet Jesus (by Selah)

Thing to do: Playing baby dolls, cause I'm the big girl and I'm going to school

Thing about School: Reading letters

Stuffed animal: my tubby-tubbies (teletubbies)

Animal: giraffe

Food: de'sgetti's (spaghetti)

Drink: Chocolate milk

What do you want for your birthday: a "Darby" cake (Barbie cake)

Best Friend: I like Libby

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