Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Funny

Brooks admiring the candles we lit for dinner time. He loves to get too close, after constant reminders that it's fire, and it burns, and it's dangerous etc. So here he's admiring, keeping a reasonable distance. I actually snapped this pic about 5 seconds before he decided to reach in and touch the flame, "burning" his hand. It was really only some black soot that rubbed right off...he didn't actually touch it, just got close. And now he understands what we're talking about and has quite the tearful story about how he got burned. And naturally believes that he requires all sorts of bandages, creams and sun-soothing lotion. (Which he doesn't get, or need:-)

Kenna made this potato head during her nap/rest time one day last week, and she was exceedingly proud of how cute it was. She asked for a picture, and approved of the picture on the viewfinder. "What a cute little ta-tato head!"...that is a tongue, acting as eyebrows on the nose-less potato...and I think one of his ears is a nose. He sat on display on the coffee table for a few hours of fun.

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