Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday was Brian's 30th birthday! Since it was also Mothers Day we celebrated quitely alone. We might do something with some friends in a few weeks, but this weekend, and onward for about 2 weeks we have craziness going on with something on the calendar almost every night. Yikes. This weekend we attended a graduation party at the beach (kids loved the pool!), and then a graduation ceremony with the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, and then an after party. It was really interesting to see a military thing like that, we had never seen that before. Anyway, lots of busy times, with a birthday and mothers day thrown in there!

Singing happy birthday!

He had a little help with the candles. Between the three of them they got it done.

Coconut Chicken Curry - Brian's fave Thai dish. Yummy and spicy!

Thai Asparagus and Pad Thai, I was cooking all afternoon! It was fun though, I really enjoy it. I didn't make the eggrolls:-) I fell a little short on the presentation. I was going to put it all in fancy dishes...but I didn't:-) If we were having guests I would have, but looking at my mound of dishes, I just thought...will he care? (or notice?)...likely not...and it still tasted great!

His cake - I made a Boston Cream Pie from scratch from this recipe. It is really really good!! Some of the insides gushed out when I put the top layer on...not sure if that is supposed to happen, but it sure is good! And not too sweet, which is his thing, he doesn't like rich desserts in general.

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