Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kids Updates

Well, the kids are doing quite well. Kenna gives me enough material to update my "Kids Kwotes & Kwips" daily, if not hourly. The other day she demanded Brooks bring her "dulce-mer"...he comes in dragging a half of a curtain rod. I asked her, what did she call it? She turns to me and says it really deliberately, like I'm the one that's slow and just doesn't get it "ham-mer dulce-mer". I totally cracked up. She told me she learned about it on Jack's (Big Music Show). Thank goodness for educational tv I suppose. She has a memory that astounds me, and vocabulary that is almost beyond me sometimes. A very funny little girl. She loves to do "stapping" (stamping) with me, and loves an official school time. She is very interested in everyones names, and their relationships to each other and to us. So Daddy is my "hus-bin", or my "cousin", depending on her tired level (I guess they sound similar?) Yesterday we had a mommy/daughter day, going to Costco and getting new tires - alas THAT should have been a father/son thing, but the membership is only in my name. Phooey. Anyway, we spend over an hour browsing the store, sharing a "smoovie" (smoothie) and collecting "saples" (samples). She's very thoughtful...she would ask 'the lady' every time if she could take one for her Brooksie too. Each time I pointed out it would melt, or we have to save some for the other people etc. And she would say "oh, but he would love it!". Those two have such a bond, I think it's so great.
She is getting into imaginary play, and has a game called Camping Style, which appears to have nothing to do with camping. She also has amazing pretend phone conversations. She loves to sit with me when I'm on facebook. She calls all the profile pictures "customers"..."Mom, Mom, can we look at that customer please?" Very funny girl.

Riding bikes is a favourite passtime now. Kenna has learned how to pedal! Brooks tries but still can't get it, so he has the baby bike, which really does seem to bother him, he wants to be big.

Brooks is a BOY! He talks about football, baseball, soccer and hockey, constantly. Lame-o Canadian mother that I am, I let him using a bamboo kitchen spoon as a hockey stick, since we don't have any little ones (he is getting them for his birthday!). He has very decent hand-eye co-ordination for his age. I don't know how exceptional it is, but for sure it's average at the very least. Starting in March both Kenna and Brooks will be enrolled in their first official 'sport'...Tumbling class! It's gymnastics for tots, basically. I can't wait, I think they will have so much fun. He adores giving high-5's..and does so to the point of mom's annoyance. When I refuse to continue this 'very fun' game. He gives himself high-5's...which is really like very slow clapping, and him saying "yessss!" If you don't know what he's doing he looks like a slow kid congratulating himself on being able to clap his hands without missing. He is talking quite well, and says almost everything with only the need for a little interpretation. He can say his R's at the beginning of a word, but not the end. He is taking on his sisters flair for drama, recently (for no apparent reason) he will say, "I sad" and lay his head on the couch. This is usually met with a fairly minimal response from Mom of "oh" or "hmm, why are you sad". He then drops to his knees and hangs his head "I sad", then he lays on the floor "I sad", and pretend cries. Hopefully a short-lived phase. On Thanksgiving we (regrettably) watched the short-film on Wall-E about the magician and the rabbit. He was literally shaking in fear, so we shut it off and have not seen it since, much to Sisters dismay. In any (every) moment of boredom, he says in his saddest voice, "I gary rab-bat Mom" (scary). I have no idea why he isn't scared of the "Man Man Ban" (One Man Band) on Cars, which to me is kinda spooky. But it's that little scary rabbit that cannot escape his mind. He is a very good little singer, and can really hold his own with following a tune. He loves "That's How You Know" from the movie Enchanted and sings it all the time, much to Daddy's disappointment:-) Brooks is coming up on two years old, and has never had a prescription! I'm amazed that none of his colds have turned into ear infections or whatnot. He's a roughneck, yet a huge complainer/whiner...we are loving seeing his little personality develop (minus the whining:-).

That's all for now, I just sort of realized I hadn't put anything substantial about them on here recently, so I thought I should update!

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