Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crazy Week Update

This week has been crazy! I don't think I even took any pictures at all :-( I was working all week, with at least a 30 min travel time each way. I had a sitter for the kids. Kenna had the flu on Mon & Tues (thankfully she only barfed at night and was pretty much ok during the day). I got a bad cold on Thurs. Sitter got the flu on Fri. Last night (Fri) I had my Stampin' Up party, and it was one that required quite a bit of prep work. It was a lot of fun and everyone made a great box!

Brian and Lauren also left on Friday for NY, Brian's Grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer recently (about 2 weeks ago), and it's very aggressive and she isn't doing very well, so they went up to spend some time with her and the family. Unfortunately the kids can't handle two 9 hr trips in 3 days (plus 2 hr trips to visit Grandma), so we stayed back this time. We'd like to go up when we have a little longer to relax before we hop in the car again, for Mommy's sanity. There comes a point in the trip where I become some kind of court jester, performing every song and puppet show I know. My kids just don't sleep well in the car:-/

I promise to do better this week! It seems like life all the sudden got too fast for me! I am doing an accontability diet challenge, and this week did not do any exercising at all. Shameful! Tonight I am going to a hockey game...we have an AHL team here, and it's a youth event, and sadly Brian is missing it. He was bummed about that, because this was HIS event. I sure hope it doesn't fall to me to explain the rules to everyone. I might be from Canada, but hey, I am a girl. I don't know all the particulars, only the main stuff!

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