Sunday, July 27, 2008

Country Music Night

My Dad, lacking Lauryn and I (his talented vocalists, harhar) has found some replacements to sing with. Aerylin is great at harmonies, and Kari (Chantelle's cousin) actually sounds similar to me. They have a music night hosted by their church very month, so they volunteered to be the act this July while I was in town. I didn't have much time to get up to speed on the new way they do things now. Much more complicated than in the old days when it was just a few guitars. They have a whole arsenal of equipment now, and my brothers are just so good! Kaden plays drums, Davis the bass and Logan the guitar or piano. We put on a whole concert of gospel and secular country songs, it lasted about and hour and a half. It was so much fun, and we have it recorded so when I have a few spare minutes I will upload a minute or two of highlights. Dad, Kari, Chantelle, Aerylin and I each did a few songs as the lead and then did harmonies for each other etc. I was glad they let me be a part of their night, it was so fun to get a chance to sing again!

Aerylin, Me, Tilly, Kari, Dad & Logan. Davis and Kaden are kind of hiding behind.

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