Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wedding, pictures at the park

After the ceremony we headed to the park for pictures and lots of food under a tent. It rained lightly almost the whole time, which you can't really tell in the pictures...then it really started to pour so we all made a hasty retreat to the hotel for the reception. Between running around like a madman after the lost vows, and the rain, my hair was destroyed. Haha, lucky thing no one was looking at me. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I sang during the ceremony and Logan played guitar for me, we did You're My Angel (Brooks & Dunn tune), and it turned out wonderfully, so that was nice. I would hate to completely ruin my own brothers wedding my messing up a song

My cute little man Brooks

The groom, Brent

Kenna and me

Brooks and Auntie Tilly

My handsome Dad

James, Elizabeth & Lukas

Bridal party, Cheryl, Cadence, Colleen, Kari & Chantelle

Bridal party

Beauty and the beasts - Kaden, Liana, Davis & Logan

Old friends - Hannah, Janessa, Emily, Krista, Liana, Laura, Lize, Kaden, Davis, Logan

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