Thursday, July 24, 2008

Friends...with guns

We had sooo much fun with all the friends and family that came out for the wedding from Ontario. Much of the fun revolved around Power Uno, ping pong, and of course, gun fights! Everyone got a chance to shoot the real guns too, at targets.

Soccer night, with the league my parents run. Liana was there to play and help, Krista and I were there to watch:-)

James, Lehman, Logan, Liana, Laura and Kaden. Insert a different background and this could be a poster for a movie or something. They look very fierce.

Girls, not afraid to get hit with a very painful "green rock", as Kenna dubbed the bullets. She collected them as she found them everywhere!

Stealthy sniper, James

Liana, Emily and Hannah, waiting for the wedding to start

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