Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hair We Go Again

Each of our kids have been born with an almost identical mop of dark hair. Kenna's was black at birth, and the most uneven. She had a old man's receding hairline in the front, basic coverage over all the rest (like Grey) and long strands in the back twice as long as anything else. Brooks was a bit lighter in colour initially (compared to Kenna - just brown, not black), but was all the same length, and no old man balding in the front, almost exactly like Grey's in every way...none of them have ever lost it, or even worn a bare spot in the back from rubbing it on the bed etc. Let's hope they don't go bald later in life, that would be a big shame...and ironic! I hope one of them at least end up with Brian's hair's rare to have hair that dark, and paired with blue eyes, it's awesome!

Here's some spiky hair on Lleyton Grey!

It's long!

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